Sunday, August 6, 2017

12 Things To Do in Sagada, Mountain Province

Sagada is one of the places in the Philippines that many people want to visit because it has various sites and tourist spots. The activities such as trekking, climbing a mountain and spelunking in the cave are consumed a lot of energy. So, make sure you have the strength and energy when traveling to Sagada.

Here’s my list of 12 things to do in Sagada, Mountain Province.
Cave Connection: If you want challenging activities during your stay in Sagada. Then, indulge yourself to a very exciting and yet worth trying experience. The Cave connection is to entry at Lumiang Cave and exit at Sumaguing Cave. It takes four hours of spelunking and you will enjoy the rock formations inside the cave. Don’t forget to hire a guide, it’s required indeed. They will help you make the journey easy. This interesting and superb activity will surely make your Sagada adventure a memorable one!

Trek to Marlboro Country and Blue Soil Hills: You will see a grazing wild horse and I saw one during my visit when you reached the summit of the Marlboro Country. The view at the peak is fascinating where you can see the sea of clouds. The changing color of the skies is amazing. The heat of the sun will warm up your body as the sun rises. The pine trees, wild strawberries, and flowers will greet you along the trail going to Blue Soil Hills. It’s indeed a beautiful terrain!

Pongas Falls: If you are having fun and wanting to explore more in your Sagada adventure. Then, include Pongas Falls to your bucket list.  Getting to the falls will require you to pass by the small village in the valley. Every local you meet will greet you and smile back to you. And, you will see many rice terraces along the way. Perfect experience!

The Hanging Coffins and the Echo Valley: This is one of the famous attractions in Sagada and it is an easy trek to viewing the area. Some tourist will take down to get close to the hanging coffins. The guide will explain to you about the history of the hanging coffins and the culture itself. The place is quite crowded where every person taking selfies with the coffin. Some people enjoyed shouting with all their heart out in the echo valley. It is because when you shout the voice bounces off in the limestone walls and you hear it repeated.

Bomod-ok Falls: If still have the energy to walk, and then go ahead to the most visited falls in Sagada. The waterfalls stand at 200 feet tall that splashes down to the cold and freezing pool. It takes about one hour to get to the falls. The trail is up and down, up and down. It also passes through the villages and rice fields. It’s a long walk to the beautiful Bomod-ok Falls! 

Kiltepan: Your Sagada adventure will not be completed without witnessing the sunrise over in Kiltepan. This is one of the reasons why tourist flocked in Sagada. The sea of clouds while seeing the enchanting sunrises. When I have time to go back in there again, I will definitely include this place as I was not able to get here.

Mt. Ampacao: After visiting all tourist attractions in Sagada. If you have spare time and still have the strength you can hike to Mt. Ampacao. It’s 1889 MASL. The mountain offers a beautiful view of Sagada. There are two landmarks of this mount; 1) the ranch –some hikers mistakenly call it as the summit, 2) the peak of the mountain.

Lake Danum: On the other side of Sagada, you can visit this lake where you can catch for a good photography with a reflection of the water. You can also take a picture of a sunset at the close by a hill.

The Episcopal Church in Sagada: All activities that you have done on your Sagada trip. You will not forget to visit and thank Him for all the strength and guidance during your stay. The Saint Mary Virgin is the main Episcopalian church in Sagada. 
Sagada's Native Dishes: The native dishes of Sagada that you should try are the Pinikpikan and Etag. Pinikpikan is just like a Tinola (the tagalong of chicken soup), but the taste of it is definitely unique from the Tinola because of the presence of Etag (a smoked and preserved pork).
These are my unforgettable memories in my Sagada escapade. Have you been in Sagada?
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