Just call me Marco. I am a newbie traveller. I love to climb a mountain. And, I also join fun run and I considered myself as a runner. I love doing adventure with my friends and I want to travel alone, too! I was jealous to those bloggers who can travel alone, doing their do it yourself!

My first solo trip was in Legazpi City, Albay and it was very challenging and exciting. I was also disappointed during my vacation because I felt I was rejected when I asked the local to the right direction on how to go to the particular place. Well, maybe that’s part of travelling alone. However, my first solo trip is fun and memorable one.

Anyway, I indulge myself into very interesting activities and adventures. I want to explore the whole world as long as I can and if the time permits. I want to share all my experience, my stories, my photos, and itineraries of my adventures.

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