Friday, April 15, 2011


Palaspas or decorative palm fronds are part of the Catholic celebration of Palm Sunday in the Philippines which marks the start of Holy Week. They are brought to the Church to be blessed as part of the Palm Sunday mass and waved as the priest enters the Church, in commemoration of Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerysalem.

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It is always a sight to behold when young fresh coconut leaves called ibus are transformed into intricate forms and shapes. Children hold them liked priced possessions. It is one great spectacle to see the brimming Sunday congregation eagerly wave their palms as the priest passes by to bless them. The event is simply joyful. 

Domingo de Ramos or Palm Sunday is one of the most photographed events in the Philippines. Palaspas, which is the most intricate, provides an exciting opening act for the drama of Semana Santa. The sight and smell of fresh palm fronds herald Holy Week in the Philippines. 

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