Sunday, June 19, 2011

Superhero Logos

The logo on Superman’s chest has definitely evolved since its first appearance back in 1983. It just a simple scribble “S” inside a yellow triangle.
The bat symbols looks good in everything from cars to gadgets. Batman is perhaps the most fashion-conscious of the superheroes when it comes to logos. The batman logo is sometimes have a yellow oval, sometime without.
The Flash
Maybe simplicity is the key. 
Green Lantern
There are many Green Lanterns patrolling the universe, but all of them bearing this recognizable symbol.
Perhaps, Peter Parker regretted the decision when he was still sewing the webbing on at 3am five days later but at least, the spider idea was a good one. And it has remained a constant feature every time Spider-Man has changed his costume.
Fantastic Four
The first issue of the book, the team just wore regular civilian dress.
Robin may be the sidekick of the great Dark Knight detective but he has had things a bit though. 
This is not the Flash’s logo, but this is a chunky, macho thunder clap. When the young Billy Batson shouts the magic word “Shazam”, the thunder appears and transform him into the legendary Captain Marvel: Earth’s mightiest mortal.
The Punisher
The Punisher wanted to give the armed criminals he was up against something to aim at, that is why he settled on a large white skull as the chest logo on his black Kevlar body armor. 
The first Daredevil in comics characterized a single “D” on his chest but the artists at Marvel must have realized something that the character wore two overlappin D’s instead.

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