Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guides in Buying a Computer/Laptop

Computer, nowadays, are very useful for each and everyone. You can talk to your love ones, family and friends abroad via internet access. Computers can make our works easily done; doing thesis from school, encoding document for work, etc. And of course, now, writing article for earning money.

Maybe, most of you have visited computer shops canvassing for the right computer to buy. Here are the guides before buying a computer/laptop:

Main purpose: Anything you purchase has reason why you get that thing. There’s always a reason in buying the things we want to have. The reason why we wanted to have our own computer/laptop is that to keep in touch with our family/friends abroad. It could be also to start a new business, blogging, or writing articles. So, think before buying gathered all reasons why you need to buy.

Size: It is depends on you which do you really prefer, desktop or laptop? Well, size really matters in choosing one. In desktop, it comes in a variety of sizes, from full-sized to small-sized. The smaller forms have less room for adding extra disk or expansion cards. So, do not buy them if you think that you need a big one. For laptops, consider a smaller-sized model if you will be carrying it around a lot. But if your laptop won’t be moving a lot, get a “desktop replacement” model with a big display and fuller-sized keyboard.

Hardware: The only limiting factor in terms of hardware is the expansion capabilities, laptop computers are designed with specific hardware that is not usually upgradable. There are laptops that can be upgraded up to 1 GB of memory only, or up to 40 GB hard disk. It only displays up to a SVGA for video and the CPU cannot be upgrade to the latest model. But of course, there are latest laptops out in the markets nowadays so you can check it!

For desktop, you can upgrade it to multiple hard disks, latest CPU – if the motherboards are designed for it, expansion of card such as video, and the sound cards for better viewing pleasure.
Now, if you are planning that your computer’s used for gaming system, multimedia and video editing system. Then, desktop computers have the capabilities to provide you with the best solution.

Software: It is important for any computers without it your computer is useless. Operating system pre-installed such as Microsoft Window XP or Linux. Take note, pre-installed software does not usually come with a CD installer. Ask or check the store if they will provide with the Windows/Linux installer. Do not use pirated software!

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