Saturday, September 24, 2011

What they do or they say when they are in bed

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The following are my ideas what they do or they say when they are in bed:
-         Don’t stress out your partner by asking her or him what happen in the office.

-         Always compliments her.
-         Tell her that you want to make her feel good.
-         Or tell her that you want to kiss every inch of her.
-         Massage her head and body. After the busy day, it relaxes her when you massage her.
-         Touch her body.
-         Caress or embrace her. Let her know how much you savor each moment that you were together. That all you want is her.
-         Hugging and kissing feels her comfortable.
-         Reminisce where did you meet her, what she was wearing, how pretty she is when you have meet her, and how you felt about it.
-         Make some jokes to make her laugh.
-         Or start a naughty conversation.
-         Of course, the important is asking permission. I am sure you know what I am trying to say here.
-         When you are making love with your partner, tell her that you love her body. Because in this way, she’ll feel much more comfortable that she letting you explore her body.
-         Whisper the words that she always love to hear

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