Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cirque Du Soleil - Varekai

Varekai is the Cirque du Soleil touring production, premiered in Montreal in April 2002. Its name means "wherever" in the Romani language, and the show is "acrobatic tribute to the nomadic soul".

This year was a great opportunity for me to watch them live here in the Philippines. I am thankful that a very special friend brings me in the venue where Varekai performed.

The plot is based on the Greek myth of Icarus, who melts his wings after flying too close to the Sun. Instead of drowning in the sea below him in Varekai Icarus lands inside a lush forest, in which the creatures teach him on how to fly again.

Oh, what I can say is that they are amazing and the performance was really great! I wish I could watch them again. So, allow me to share their video from youtude. Enjoy!

2012 schedule
Belo Horizonte, BR - From 19 January 2012 to 12 February 2012
Brasilia, BR - From 23 February 2012 to 18 March 2012
Recife, BR - From 30 March 2012 to 8 April 2012
Salvador, BR - From 3 May 2012 to 13 May 2012


  1. They performed in my city once. Unfortunately I couldn't go see them. :(


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