Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Places that I want to go...

Image from Mt. Pulag Climb
In my previous post, I mentioned about planning to have my own Solo Backpacking. I gathered some information and tips on what to wear, to bring on a backpacking. It is necessary to learn tips from the expert and I need that.

If I am with somebody traveling then that would be fine. Also, my friends are planning for a trip so maybe I can suggest the place which I mention later. I am a dreamer. When I was a kid I dream to travel around the world but when I grew up I’ve realized that why not travelling first in my own country before going to other country.

So, here’s the place that I want to visit:

- I’ve been in Sagada 2 years ago but I haven’t had a chance to explore all over the place. I only visited the Sumaging Cave, Echo Valley, bokong falls and I’ve seen the hanging coffins. If I had a chance to go back there again, I would like to visit all the tourist attraction that I never been visited.

Mt. Pulag
-it is the third highest mountain in the Philippines with 2, 922 meters above sea level. The borders between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya meet at the mountain’s peak. I don’t know if when I can climb the mountain but I am hopeful to get there. Crossed-fingers!

Pahiyas Festival
-this happens on the 15th day of May by the people of Lucban, Quezon in respect of San Isidro Labrador. Pahiyas Festival is a colorful feast and the name Pahiyas is from the Filipino terms “hiyas” means jewel and Pahiyas means precious offering. It’s just an hour rides from Manila to Quezon Province. So, I might go to the place to witness these big events.

-Surigao City is also celebrating Bonok-bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw, it is an ethnic thanksgiving and annual feast celebration of San Nicolas de Tolentino. It happens on the 9th day of September. I just missed my province and this time, I will find way to visit there and witness this kind of event again. Bonok bonok is a dance of mamanwa ethnic tribe showcased in a local festival.

Masskara Festival
-it happens on the 3rd weekend of October, it’s a festival held in Bacolod City (the capital of Negros Occidental). The word “Mass” means many or a multitude of the people and the word “Kara” is the Spanish word “cara” meaning “Face”. I have a friend residing in the place and always asking to visit there but I cannot make it due to some reasons. But I hope this year; I can join her to celebrate the Festival.

Chocolate Hills (Bohol)
- I never been in Bohol and never see the Chocolate Hills and tarzier in person. So, I want to see them for real.

-is one of the well-known beaches in the Philippines. I want also to go this place because I want to experience the white sand. Lol!

-is one the place that I want to go. The beaches are so awesome. And the Puerto Princesa Underground River that everyone wants to experience, I am one of them!

-is an island province of the Philippines located in Bohol sea. It’s a small province which the capital is Mambajao, a part of the Northern Mindanao Region.

Vigan City
-the Hispanic town in the Philippines.

Travelling our own country is one my biggest dream before I am going to go outside the country. Hopefully, one day I can accomplish one of the places I stated above. [crossed-fingers]


  1. A lot of mountains on this list. Not sure I'd want to climb that many. I climbed one once and it wasn't that much fun. :P

  2. @ DWei: Hehehe. For me, I really want to try. Sigh!

  3. I wanna go there too! May I come with you 'nong? ☺

  4. nice places, Ako gusto ko ring mapuntahan ang Sagada. Maganda raw sabi ng daughter ko.


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