Saturday, May 12, 2012

Unleash the Vigan's Secret

right side of the entrance
Hi folks! I'm out for five days to attended school and learned about hotel industry. But I am back now and I maybe post separately about that later soon. So, before to continue my Vigan's escapade....allow me first to greet you (if you are a mother) and your mother a Happy Mother's Day!

Who would have thought that in the heart of Vigan you can find a beautiful garden where tourists keep on discovering and amazed the beauty?

Yes, Vigan is known for antiquated houses and cobbled narrow streets, calesas and friendly faces around the area. But despite all that, there’s a place that tourist must discover the beauty of Mr. Flores garden. The beautiful garden is called Hidden Garden in Vigan City. It is a place that the hospitality of a Filipino is felt.

It was a garden therapy for Mr. Flores until it became his business. He, if I am not mistaken, started his garden on 1990’s and it was open to public on 2000 and it became his business as well as the coffee shop inside the garden.

The place was very attractive and produce more enjoyable environment for the visitors. And that makes Hidden Garden special.

The owner of Hidden Garden treated us their native halohalo and the Vigan empanada. And he welcomed us to his place, tour us!

Photos below:

one of the flowers you've seen in the place
The Restaurant

Hidden Garden special halohalo
Vigan's Empanada

How to get there?
From the city, ride a tricycle or a calesa and ask to the driver to take you at Hidden Garden. It is located at Brgy. Bulala Centro, Vigan City.

If you own a car and interested to discover the Hidden Garden, here's the map.

I am pretty sure that just like me, you also enjoy when you decide to get in the Hidden Garden and discover the beauty and feel the feel air. Thanks!


  1. so Vigan ulet at may halo-halo at empanada pa = nang-i-inggit ka talaga waaaah... LOL. just wait for me Vigan!

    Thanks for the Mom's day greet :)

  2. I'm very curious as to what's in that... special halohalo... thing...

  3. Hi. Blogging.

    I haven't been to Vigan. My husband and I are planning too visist the place kasi nd natutuloy. Sana one day ma visit namin ang Vigan :-)

  4. I will check this out bro. My family will be there this May 18.

  5. hEY Marco can you go for "F"?


    1. I'll get back to you about that. Thanks, Albert!

    2. Thank you for participating! I've received your email just this day and it will be published on the 6th spot.

  6. My hubby loves Vigan..hope we could visit it soon after our Bohol escapade

  7. Wow! Hey nong, let's visit Vigan next time!

  8. wish i could go there one day

  9. That food looks good. Though the plantlife nearby would probably trigger and allergic reaction in me. :P

  10. I was in Vigan with my husband a long time ago,unfortunately we didn't know about this place.

  11. Next time you go there, try to visit Mom's Courtyard in Bongtolan too.

  12. Hinding hindi ko malilimutan ang Vigan :)

    At syempre lumang tao ako kaya dig ko ang kalumaan ng lungsod. Makabalik sana ako para mapuntahan ko rin to.


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