Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saint Mary the Virgin in Sagada

Before heading to our next activity, we passed by at the only church in the town. This is a well-known landmark in the town of Sagada –is the only town in the Philippines that is almost Anglican where in 95% of locals baptised into the Episcopal Church of the Philippines. It is located at the Episcopalian Mission compound and it was sanctified on the 8th of December 1921. 

Behind of the church is the school of Saint Mary’s Highschool, the Calvary Hills and fifteen to twenty five minutes hike is the echo valley, and you can see the hanging coffins. You can pass by at the Sagada Cemetery before you reach to the echo valley. Truly a nice view at the back!

However, we’re able to get inside the church because it was open and able to take some pictures in it. So lucky! And, minutes after the mass had begun. The church is quite small, but it simple and looks nice. The altar has rocks at the back which looks so different.

This should not be missed when visiting the place!


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