Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tranquility Puka Beach Boracay

This is another beach on Boracay Island, which is located along the island’s northern end. Puka Beach is a picture of what most individuals expect on a tropical island: white sand, purplish blue water, and uncrowded beach.  It was called Puka beach because the place where resident meet to collect Puka Shells.

This is very different from the other beaches of Boracay. This is the longest beach on the island’s northern tip. The sand is not as fine and white as those in the white beach. But, the tranquillity of the surroundings can make your stay in the beach a memorable one. It became famous because the beach has many Puka shells.

The beach is uncrowded compared to the white beach. The location of the beach gives you a feeling that you are in a remote place. Allow yourself at least two hours of spending in the beach. Relax and enjoy!
Adventurers can hike or ride a rented bicycle or motorbike going to the beach.

It is advisable to bring food and cold drinks because the beach has no resorts and establishments in the beach. It is separated from the white beach in Boracay. But, there’s a restaurant at the eastern end of the beach.

Puka beach is a great spot for a picnic; however make sure to bring your trash home with you.

Getting There
*You can take a tricycle going to Puka beach. The tricycle can be found at the D’Mall. Fare is around 100php.
*If you are adventurous then, you can rent a bicycle or motorbike to reach the beach.
*Going to Puka beach takes about thirty to forty-five minutes.
*No entrance fee
*There’s a tricycle terminal in front of the entrance.

Your Boracay Island escapade is not complete without visiting Puka beach. Include Puka beach on your itinerary if you are on a vacation on Boracay Island. 
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Enjoy your travel! Be safe always!



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