Friday, November 14, 2014

Akyat Aral: Back to School Project IV

Akyat Aral Org is a non-profit group of mountaineers or hikers are aims to help the children that live in the far-flung mountainous areas of the Philippines.

The program is called “Back to School Project IV”, they choose the Igorot Community in Sitio Palale, Nueva Ecija as their beneficiary. 

It was an invitation from a friend and yours truly want to join the outreach program. Since, I am a volunteer in different groups who organize this kind of event. So, I accepted the invitation.


Palale Elementary School
General Tinio, Nueva Ecija

Arrival at Palale Elementary School

Preparation for the program

Distribution of school supplies

Students from Palale can draw...

Dance number from the students of Palale Elementary School


Day 1 (May 10 - Saturday)
4:00am - Assembly Time at Munoz Macdonalds (quick breakfast)
5:00am - ETD for Papaya, Gen Tinio, Nueva Ecija
8:00am - ETA Papaya Municipal Hall, Buy Provisions at the Market
9:00am - Start Ascend to Sitio Palale (Ride Skeleton 4X4)
12:00am - Arrival at Sitio Palale Elementary School
-Set Up Camp/prepare Program/prepare Feeding Food
01:00pm - Start of Program
05:00pm - Prepare food for participants
6:00 pm - Dinner Time
7:00 pm - Socials
12:00 - Light Out

Day 2 (May 11 - Sunday)
6:00am - Wake Up Call
8:00am - Breakfast
10:00am - Break Camp
11:00am - ETA Descent to Papaya Municipal Hall
01:00pm - ETA Papaya Municipal Hall - buy food lunch
02:00pm - ETD for Manila
09:00pm - Welcome home

Another unforgettable memories that I have to treasure. Thanks!

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