Thursday, August 20, 2015

Travel News: Tourist Dies in Coron Due To a Poisonous Stonefish

A tourist in Coron, Palawan was on vacation, with his boyfriend. A victim, Miguel Ruiz, is a 25 year old man died when he stepped on something possibly a stonefish which makes him having trouble in breathing and caused of his death.

Their last destination was at Siete Pecados, where they go snorkeling. But, according to, Travis Millard, his boyfriend, Ruiz suddenly shouted in panic. “Travis! I stepped on something and I'm having trouble breathing.” This was the exact words of Ruiz, according to Millard. He went over to Ruiz and seek assistance to the tour guide, but told that they’re most likely tired from snorkeling the whole day.

Millard can no longer hear the deep breaths and he noticed that Ruiz face was beginning to change colors. "At that point I was furious because there was nobody assisting us, and I screamed, "Help me! Help me, don't just watch, help me!' Finally, the tour guide came and helped his head, and every time I would blow air, he would be the one to help expel the vomit from his mouth," Millard said.

It was declared then that Ruiz is dead on arrival at the hospital. The spokesperson of Palawan Provincial Police Office will investigate all possible reason and will not take for granted if the cause of the death of Ruiz is the poisonous stonefish.

The president of Calamian Association of Tourism Establishments, Chin Fernandez, will conduct a first aid refresher course for all their tour guides.



However, upon searching of Stonefish on the website, the characteristics of this species has ability to camouflage with a grey and speckled color of a stone which swimmer may not notice them and it trigger a sting if you step on them. It is also one of the most venomous fish in the world.

The stings of this creature are really painful and in some cases death. The treatment includes; application of heat to the affected area and anti-venom. Victim should use the hot water and applied it to the injured area to wipe out the venom. Vinegar is also said to lessen the pain.

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