Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Getaway in Vigan City

It was an invitation from a friend of mine to escape from the City going to the place which the old Spanish Houses were preserved. VIGAN CITY - is one of the places that I want to visit. I’m glad that my friends invited me to join them to explore the place.

Vigan City is the one most beautiful city in the Philippines; it is located on the western coast of island of Luzon, and the capital of the Province of Ilocos Sur. It is also one of the few Hispanic towns in the Philippines, and well-known for its cobblestone streets and unique architecture.

It takes eight to nine hours drive from Manila going to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. We left in the City around ten o’clock in the evening of Friday, April 20, 2012 and arrived at around six o’clock in the morning of Saturday. After 30 minutes of resting in the house of my friend’s landlady. We never wasted our time to explore!

So, it was a sunny weekend that my friends and I delved into the Vigan tourist attractions:

Baluarte is one of attraction in Vigan City especially for the first time visitors. It has mini zoo where you can see various kind of animals from other countries and others endemic to the Philippines. This is our first stop for the tour.

Calle Crisologo was our second stop. It is the major attraction in the place because the rich people lived during the Spanish era in a Spanish houses. Along in the street are hotels and pension houses were you can rent for your stay. You can buy also souvenir along in the street because there are also souvenirs shops and restaurant as well.

Our third stop for the tour was Syquia Mansion; was Elpidio Quirino, the 6th President of the Philippines, was resided. 

Before heading to the landlady’s house for lunch, we dropped by at Pagburnayan where tourists can see on how to make Vigan jars or burnay.

After lunch, Hidden Garden was our next stops were we met the owner and treated us their native halohalo and the Vigan Empanada. 

To end the Day 1 tour, we never forget to go to the beach which they called Mindoro Beach. Its ten minutes away from the landlady’s house. It is the only seaside in the area, just nearby to the Vigan Airport.


  1. These are some beautiful photos. I wish I was there instead of here where it's cold and wet. Such beautiful color in a beautiful place.

    1. How I wish too you are there to explore! :D

      Thank you, Anne!

  2. wow! Vigan, naunahan mo lang ako bro, We will be there May. uwi kasi kami ng Cabugao.

  3. I really like that beach shot.

  4. Hi I finally found you! ha ha

    First, THANKS for "exploring" my site and leaving comments, it meant a lot to me :)

    Second, I'm jealous about this Vigan exploration because it's always on my list but never materialized (sigh). I hope I could explore Vigan ASAP. But for now, I think I'll just be contented with your story and your awesome photos :) THANKS for sharing!

    I followed you, I'm #30, see you around :)

    1. Oppss! Sorry if you got jealous! Hahaha!

      I wish you could go there and experience the Hispanic place.

  5. Certainly looks a lot nicer than over here. It's all gloom and rain at the moment.

  6. Vigan is not just known for stone houses. they have more wonders to offer. hope i can go there too...

  7. Cool pics and neat blog following!

  8. looks beautiful place
    nice pics

  9. And now you Marco can count on me...I am one of your fans heheheheh very nice and informative blogs..I also like beach specially now it's cool hot summer love to dip in the water...kahit sa drum na lang with full of water hahahahaha at lalagyan ko ng ice para malamig.

    Great blog!keep it up and will wait for your next post..
    with my best wishes.....


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