Friday, April 20, 2012

All about my vacation

I am away from my family for almost 10 years now. Yes, I must say that I am independent. I can live with my own life which before I never thought I can do it. I can say that living alone is very challenging because you’ll be the one to cook your food, doing your laundry, cleaning your room, and the most challenging – budgeting! I’ve learned a lot of being alone.

If given a chance to travel, I would love to go to my home town because there are places that I never been visited. I'd love to go to the beach and to explore nearby the area.

However, it was my privilege to visit my home town for the third time. This time, I took a bus from Manila going to my province. I was so excited because it was also my first time to travel by land; it takes almost two days on the road. 

In that journey, I saw a lot of various beautiful scenes. I passed by different places and it was only me in that trip. I've no relatives or friends with me during the trip so it was really exciting.

The trip was my unforgettable trip because we got stranded at Leyte. We supposedly ride a ferry or the so-called “roro” and the ferry will take us to Lipata Ferry Terminal. On Friday of April 6, we’re late for the first trip and we need to wait for the next trip at 8 o’clock in the evening. So that’s it! I learned to be patient. Well, passengers have nothing to do but to enjoy the place while waiting for the next trip.

After long hours of waiting, the ferry took us at Lipata Terminal (Surigao). Finally, I’m HOME! J

Here are some photos during my trip. Enjoy!
photo from thehousekeeper
 I was disappointed because I was totally knock down when we passed by in the San Juanico Bridge. This is one scene that I am waiting for but I was sleep. I woke up 15minutes after passing the bridge.Damn! 
on the road I've seen this beautiful scenes
I've treated my mother and father here
San Nicolas De Tolentino Cathedral is located at San Nicolas St, Surigao City
San Nicola College is now St. Paul University
Welcome to my HOME! Beach and Sunset viewing....

If you want to try this, you can visit Philtranco for more details about the route, destination and trip schedule. Destination is from Luzon going to Visayas/Mindanao. My Bus/Ferry Fare: Php1800 (Manila to Surigao). You can bring your own food to lessen your expenses.

On the other hand, If you are in Surigao City try Mabua Pebble Beach. You can do swimming and sunbathing. You can stroll on pebbled beach and capture the beautiful scene of sunset. For your accomodation, try Mt. Bagarabon Beach Hotel and Mountain Resort, it is located in Mabua, Surigao City in the province of Surigao Del Norte.
photo credit from
Click here for the list of beaches and resorts in Surigao City.


  1. ever heard of Duran family in your hometown?

  2. Wow!This is a very beautiful place,you must go home more often

  3. We had a road trip going to Leyte last 2007 ata, sinakay lang yung car sa barko at di lang kami lumabas. It was my first time sa isang passenger/cargo ship and ang GULO! Haha. And I also remember having my photograph taken jan sa San Juanico Bridge, meron jang spot na maganda papicture-an kasi kita mo yung buong haba ng bridge. You just need to hurry up kasi I think it's bawal. I enjoyed the sights and scenes on that road trip esp the undiscovered virgin beaches along Samar. The road were a bit terrible back then and south road buses were a little bit harried, ang bibilis. Whew.

    Looks like you had a great coming home trip nong!

    1. Ano daw? Di kayo lumabas saan? Lol!

      Di kami nakababa sa Bridge kasi yong driver di nagsabi na San Juanico na. Anyways, madaling araw din kasi kami dumaan. hehehe!

  4. Awesome pictures. I don't know if I could ever live alone...

  5. great pics, here!! hope you don't fall asleep next time ;)


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