Friday, August 31, 2012

One afternoon at Friuli Trattoria

It was  raining that day when my friend and I are craving for pizza. And we wanted to try new resto. I suggested him to try in Friuli Trattoria nearby my place. It was also my first time to eat in the resto that’s why I am excited to taste their pizza.

So, we headed to the area where the restaurant is located. There are lots of student inside the resto; chatting and laughing. The waiter provided us the menu.
Pizza: Antonio’s – tomatoes and mushroom (Php185), All meat – beef, pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage (Php240), Bacon – bacon and cucumber (Php205), BBQ Chicken – chicken, bbq sauce and wansoy (Php235) and more. They also serve pasta like; Pesto, Puttanesca and carbonara. 

But before that, we had coffee first. My friend tried their cafĂ© latte and I’d go for cappuccino. And we ordered all meat pizza. 

A few minutes after, our all meat pizza was delivered. I must say, it was just like an ordinary all meat pizza but it’s good unlike the other pizza that we have been eaten. And he also agreed! We enjoyed our pizza. Oh, he just ate two slices of it and the rest was mine. Haha!

Friuli Trattoria is located at Maginhawa St, Quezon City.

All meat pizza - Php240
Cappuccino - Php55
Cafe Latte - Php65


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