Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day Hike at Mt. Manalmon plus Spelunking at the Bayukbok Cave

Four days of no work is such an opportunity to travel. First day, I jogged in the morning and whole day at home and the second day same as the first day. In the afternoon, I was supposed to meet friends. But unfortunately, I got allergy from eating Fried Shrimp. I ate a lot of it and then after a while, my skin started itching. I took my medicine and rest the whole afternoon. I cancelled the meeting of my two friends. After 3 hours, my condition is back to normal again. Thanks God!

In the evening, I received a text message from my friend inviting me to join him on his trip the next day. I accepted the invitation quickly since I am now ok.
He discussed the two places that we about to visit but we decided to go to San Miguel, Bulacan.  And climbed to Mt. Manalmon; it is 196 meters above sea level. He immediately searches in the net about the itirenary and the cost. And the unexpected trip begins….

5:30AM – Assembly at Baliwag Transit, Cubao.
I waited my friend here and I was told that his friend will be joining us, too! In a few minutes, I met his friend and then we’re looking for a bus going to San Miguel, Bulacan. It was two hour’s drive from Manila to San Miguel so we have time to take a sleep.

7:30AM – Arrived at Brgy. Camias, San Miguel, Bulacan.
We rode a tricycle goint to Sitio Madlum.

8:00AM – Arrived at Sitio Madlum.
We need to take a raft or a monkey bridge to be able to cross the river. Then, registered our name and hired a guide to accompanied us to the Mt. Manalmon and to Bayukbok Cave.

8:30AM – Trek to Mt. Manalmon
We passed by at Grotto, climed at Madlum Rockies. Then, start trek to Mt. Manalmon.

9:00AM – SUMMIT!
It was just 30 minutes hike to Mt. Manalmon – easy trail. Then, we took pictures at the summit. More pictures, more fun!

9:30AM – Descend to river
We passed by at Manalmon River and met other mountaineers where they build their tent.

10:00AM – Rest and eat!
We just ate bread and water. And took some rest. Rent a headlamp for our caving at Bayukbok Cave.

11:00AM – Trek to Bayukbok Cave
Headlamp is ready and we’re ready to start trekking again to Bayukbok Cave.

11:30AM to 1:00PM – Spelunking Bayukbok Cave
The adventure really begins in the cave.

1:30PM – Done
We’re done exploring the super exciting adventure at Bayukbok Cave. It was almost two hours spelunking to Bayukbok Cave. It was so fun! Then, we’re back to the campsite and took our late lunch.

2:00PM to 4:00PM – Swimming at Madlum River
We rested after lunch. Since, we finish the trekking and spelunking so early. We decided to stay more hours at the place and swim at the Madlum River.

4:30PM – Back to Manila

Bus Fare: 99php/person
Tricycle: 60php/person
Raft Fee: 5php/person
Registration Fee: 5php/person
Guide Fee (Mt. Manalmon): 300php
Guide Fee (Bayukbok Cave): 150php

Don't forget to bring food. This is my third official mountaineering. It was fun and adventure!

Next destination, Mt. Cristobal!

Thanks to my friend Jeff and Roy! See you next adventure! :)



  1. Ang saya naman! :D Been dying to go out of town to unwind and escape (the stress) from the city. Malapit lang ang Bulacan, this is a nice enough trip. Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. Lucky you! I've always wanted to go splunking.

    1. Yeah! I am so lucky because I always wanted to do it.

  3. Never expected this from Bulacan..

  4. Blogwalking, kunjungin juga yah :D

  5. err... where's my comment here? I remember reading this last week and commenting?

    anyway those are breathtaking photos! pang-ilan mo ng bundok at kweba eto? and I agree with Olivr, didn't realized there's such in Bulacan? Nice!

    1. I don't know where's your comment. LOL!

      Hmmm, pangatlong bundok na. tapos pangalawang kweba na. first was Sumaging Cave (Sagada).


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