Saturday, December 8, 2012

Double Hike 1: Mt. Maculot and Mt. Manabu

As I mentioned in my previous post that me and my friends will be mountaineering at Mt. Cristobal. But unfortunately, it was postponed and we proceed to our Plan B which is double hike at Mt. Maculot and Mt. Manabu. Yes! We climbed two mountains in just one day.

We’re all excited and nervous at the same time because it was our first twin hike and we are also nervous because we have no idea how critical it was but I am very proud to say that; “Yes! We did it!”

Mt. Maculot Itirenary
5:00AM – assembly at Buendia Bus Terminal

We met my friends at Bus Terminal, Buendia-Taft and from there we rode a Jam Bus, fare is 147php. We’re heading to Cuenca, Batangas (Jump-off).

7:00AM – arrived at Cuenca, Batangas

We rode a tricycle upon arrival at Cuenca. We registered our name and pay for 10php each. Then, the driver brought us to Geronimo Cuevas Ave.

7:20AM – start trek

It was, I guess, a two hours hiked before reaching the campsite. We, then, rested for a minutes and proceed to the Rockies. Taking some pictures and enjoying the beautiful scene of Taal Lake, rock formations, and forest.

Afterward, we went back to the campsite and ate our snack. We decided to take our lunch at Fiesta Mall before we climb to Mt. Manabu.

10:30AM – start descent

Mt. Manabu Itirenary

11:00AM – Cuenca to Fiesta Mall (Lipa)

We’re done our first hike. We are now going to Lipa. We rode a jeep going to Lipa and dropped at Fiesta Mall. We took our lunch at the mall before proceeding to our next mountain hike. Fare is 24php each .

12:30PM – from Fiesta Mall to Brgy. Sta. Cruz

In front of Fiesta Mall, we asked the tricycle driver to bring us to Brgy. Sta. Cruz (Sulok). We registered again as we arrived at the jump off and pay 20php each.

1:00PM – start trek

2:00Pm – reached at Mang Pering/Pirying’s Place

We rested for a while in Mang Pering’s place (correct me I am wrong with the name). We bought a fresh buco juice from him for only 10php and he offers us a free coffee and we told him we will have coffee right after the hike.

2:15Pm – resume trek

3:15PM – arrived at the summit

Upon arrival, we rested at the campsite and met other mountaineers. They offer us a bread and a water. Then, we went to the peak of the Mt. Manabu. We’d seen Mt. Maculot from the peak of Mt. Manabu.

Taking pictures…..after that, we met two boys and two girls from Japan. We greeted them and talked them for awhile. We went back to the trail head.

3:35PM – start descent

4:00PM – at Mang Pering’s Place

Me and Ian have coffee from Mang Pering while Jin and Roy bought again a fresh buco juice.

4:30PM – back to trail head

5:00PM – Clean up

After changing clothes and clean up ourselves we rested again at the waiting shed then have chatted with Roy, Jin and Sir Ian.

6:00PM – back to Manila

This is my official 4th and 5th mountaineering. Looking forward for the next climb. See you again, guys!

**photo credits to Jin and Sir Ian


  1. haha, prepare for batulao/talamitam or tarak overnight sa January

  2. Hi Marc! Congratulations for the climb! Me, never tried climbing a mountain :)

    1. You should try it sir. It was really fun! :D

  3. congrats dong empi :) ganda ng jumpshot ha. Sama ako sa sunod na akyatan nyo ha.. di na kayo nag text ni Jin sa lakaran. ahem.

  4. Wah!So strong climber,capturing two mountain in a day!

  5. congrats Marco. Im sure proud ka na na-conquer mo ang dalawang bundok sa isang araw. saludo ako syo kasi bundok inaakyat mo. ako kasi hinihingal na sa pag-akyat sa 3 palapag kung nasan office ko, bundok pa kaya? hehe

    1. Yes sir! I am very proud! Hehehe!

      Try mo din. Kaya yan! :D

  6. Aaaaaawesome! two climbs in one shot ayie!

    And breathtaking photos! I wish to have the same photos like that :) Congrats Maco!

  7. Aww that's so nice!! Ang tatag nyo, in fairness. At mukhang di masakit sa bulsa ang budget. I really want to go mountain climbing. Sana next year matuloy na. :)

  8. Two mountains in one day? That's amazing! Astig niyo! ^◡^


  9. wow!that is so impressive. i had mountaineer friends in college and they went to Mt. Maculot one time, sadly, I wasn't able to join them :(

    a visit from kim!

  10. join ka sa amin minsan sir. if interesado ka sir eto fb ko or thrasher mina thanks

  11. Thanks for visiting my site Marco! Awesome! Manabu-Maculot in one day has been pending in my mountain bucketlist for quite some time now. Gagawin ko rin yan.

  12. hi po. ask ko lang po nong pababa kayo from manabu, sa jump off po ba mismo my tricycle na?dati po kasi madami kami umaakyat dito pero may hired jeep kami at papasok po kasi yon, ngayon po kasi dalawa lang kami.may plan po kasi kami ng twin dayhike maculot-manabu. thank you po.

  13. sir pede po ba kahit walang guide sa manabu? salamat sir

    1. Hi koya pedz! Pwede naman siguro sir. Noong akyat namin hindi na kami kumuha kasi yong kasama namin nakapunta na.


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