Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Overnight Stay at Fersal Hotel

At the lobby of Fersal Hotel
Stressful and very tiring week can make us so exhausted that’s why we need to unwind in order to gain more strength for the upcoming week.So, spending at the hotel, for me is a way to detached ourselves from our work and other things that bothered us. I stayed at the hotel for an overnight stay in a deluxe room with free breakfast. 

I was so excited that day because I’d made a reservation at the Fersal Hotel to stay overnight. Sad because I am all alone but it's just fine at least I can rest. Maybe someday when I stay at the hotel I can bring my other-half.

More photos here:


Living in a deluxe room with free breakfast is a fantastic experienced and we can have peace of mind during the stay . I was so lucky also because I won a GC (gift certificate) that’s why I can stay at Fersal Hotel for FREE! Yes, you read it right! I stayed there for free!

This is deluxe room where I stayed overnight all by myself. :)

And the bath clean!

claiming my free breakfast...

I had a great experienced living in one night at this hotel. The staff are very accommodating and friendly. I am looking forward to spend my spare time...

Fersal Hotel is located at Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City.


  1. Lobby looks pretty with all those Xmas decors. Di ba there's a Fersal also in Makati? Or, imagination ko lang yun? LOL.

    1. Yes, they have a branch in Makati. Hehehe!

  2. Sometimes we need to have a break like this especially if it is free.

  3. Wow naman...ang pinakamaganda diyan, e libre. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year! :D

  4. Ha ha nag-solo kah! ang daya moh!

    Happy Christmas and a blessed and fruitful 2013 for you!

  5. Ang sosy naman! Talagang sa hotel pa nag-unwind! hehehe!

    Happy New Year sa'yo Marco! ^◡^


    1. It's FREE kaya grab na. Hahaha!

      Happy New Year to you! :D

  6. Aww bakit mag-isa ka lang? Hee okay lang yan may next time pa.;) Happy new year, Marco! :)

    1. Walang makakasama e. Hehehe!

      Happy New Year, Patti!


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