Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekend Getaway | Majayjay Falls

under the trees
It is the fourth class municipality in the province of Laguna, located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw.  In 1578, the Spanish colonial government made it a town and it is one of the most populated towns in the newly founded province.   

Locals use to call it Malay Barangay.

It became Majayjay because of a tired travellers sighed, HAY! After climbing a hill, after scaling a cliff, and after crossing a raging river. 

Therefore, guests referred to the place “Mahayhay” which means many sighs and Spaniard spelled it “Majayjay”. That’s how Malay Barangay got its name Majayjay. 

Majayjay Falls

Majayjay is a home to the Taytay Falls but it is also known as Majayjay Falls, is a two-storey high falls which located in isolated scenery where the forestry is plentiful. In order to go to Taytay Falls, one has to go down the pebble steps leading to a kilometre-long trail.

The group has various suggestions where to go before summer ends. From beach, mountain hiking, water rafting, surfing, road trip to food trip – these are the options of the group. But after a long day of arguments and suggesting a new nice place to go, we settled to explore Majayjay and what they can offer for a weekend traveller like us.

We left Taft Avenue at exactly 7 o’clock in the morning and the trip is about 2-3 hours’ drive.  We board in a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna and from there we rode a jeep going to Majayjay Town. We arrived at Majayjay around 2:30PM and we go ahead to registered at the Brgy. Hall and we rented a tent for our overnight stay. 

We are all excited because it is our first time to visit the Majayjay Falls and stay there over the weekend. It’s a walking distance from Brgy. Hall to Majayjay falls. And from the entrance we already heard the drift of the water falls and it was cold.  It's freezing cold!
our tent

We look up a place where to build our tent and then, Manong assist us to fix our tent. Our location is nearby the river and a bit far from the crowd. During that time, there are many tourist stay there overnight. It’s really a long drive from the metro to Majayjay that is why we ate dinner after fixing our tent. We’re all thanks to our guide for helping us to build up our tent. 

Fare: 500php
Tent: 350php (good for 4-6 people, 70php per person)
Registration: 20php
Food: 250php

Total Cost: 840php

Safe budget: 1100php

Day 1
0630 Meet up in Buendia LRT
0700 Board bus to Sta. Cruz, Laguna
1000 ETA Sta Cruz, Laguna; Board jeepney to Majayjay Town
1100 ETA Majayjay, Ride jeepney to Taytay Falls
1130 ETA Brgy. Hall
1200 Lunch (at Brgy. Hall)
1330 fixing tent
1400 Rest
1500 Early dinner
1600 swimming time

Day 2
1400 Tidy up
1530 Ride Jeepney back to Majayjay
1630 Ride jeepney to Sta. Cruz, Laguna
1800 Ride bus back to Manila
2100 ETA Manila

More photos here...


  1. I miss the super duper cold water of Majayjay Falls! =]

  2. Wow! May falls! Favorite ko ang mga falls. I hope mapuntahan ko rin ang Majayjay someday. I have a friend who is from Sta. Cruz, Laguna, and had been inviting me over.

    1. That's good Ms. N! You can visit there too when you visit your friend ti Sta. Cruz!

  3. ganda naman ng camp site, tabing-ilog talaga..parang naglalaro lang..hehe. ;)

  4. ang ganda nito ah sana mapuntahan ko din to... madami bang tao kapag weekend jan?


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