Monday, October 7, 2013

Magdalena White Water River Rafting Adventure

In my previous post - Weekend Getaway | Majayjay Falls, I talked about our weekend getaway in Tanay Falls or known as Majayjay Falls. After that, our next adventure is in Magdalena, Laguna. What to do with Magdalena? Hmm, that’s what we are going to find out. Upon browsing on the World Wide Web we learned that we can do river rafting in the place.

As we all know, only Cagayan De Oro offers river rafting, but Magdalena offers also this kind of activity. 

Who would have thought that Magdalena, Laguna offers this kind of activity? Without a doubt, that’s true!

If you are on a tight budget and you can't go to CDO to experience this kind of adventure. Well, don't you worry because Magdalena has to offer and I am sure that you will also enjoy their river rafting! After doing the rafting here I am eager to go to CDO and try their the so-called wild white river rafting! Whew! I am ready to that!

Anyhow, lets talk about Magdalena first. Hehe!

There are several well-known sights in Magdalena, Laguna just like Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Mali-mali Bridge, Emilio Jacinto Shrine, The Rizal Park, Bahay Laguna, The Pintong Kabag and The Pintong Pilak.

Magdalena - the fourth class municipality in the province of Laguna is Magdalena, it has 22, 976 population according to the latest census. It is also formerly a barrio of Majayjay, Laguna. On January 18, 1820, Magdalena was proclaimed a new town by Gov. Gen. Don Mariano Fernandez de Folgueras after the petition from the residents of the barrio. It was named first as Magdalena de Ambling which derived from its patron saint Maria Magdalena.

Magdalena also held Kawayan Festival. It was a colourful festival that celebrates the native bamboo and the role in the culture and livelihood of the town to promote bamboo-based industries.

It had been the sun-drenched day when the group decided to do the extreme adventure in Magdalena, Laguna. Though, it was quite a long drive, but we are just so patience and excited because that was our first time doing a river rafting together.

We usually leave as early as we can avoid traffic if we are going to have a weekend getaway. But that day we decided to meet late in the morning because our river rafting adventure will start at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Our meeting place is at Buendia Bus Terminal then from there we rode a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. It’s about two to three hours’ drive. From Sta. Cruz, we rode a jeep bound to Magdalena and drop-off at Basketball court. 

Since, we arrived early we decided to take our breakfast first and have to explore around the area. We visited St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church and The Rizal Park. They have a Walk of Fame version in the park, too! Not only the name of FPJ to Walk of Fame can be seen in Magdalena, Laguna because the blood marked one hero had also here. Who? Emilio Jacinto, his bloodstains were found on the floor of the church.

Then, went to the office to meet Sir Raf (the guide) and we’ll wait for an hour for our extreme adventure. Furthermore, before heading to the river, Sir Raf briefed us for safety. And, then, it’s already lunchtime, so we asked him if where we are able to acquire each of our foods for lunch. The good thing is that they also offer food. 

After our lunch, the adventure begins…


Fee: 550 pesos per head
Transportation (From Magdalena town proper to rafting area and back)
Use of Gears & Equipment
Raft guide
Cottage at Dam area


Bus Fare (Buendia - Sta. Cruz) - 140 PHP
Jeepney to Magdalena - 13-15 PHP
Rafting Package - 550 PHP
Packed Lunch + drinks - 60 PHP
Jeepney to Sta. Cruz - 13-15 PHP
Bus Fare (Sta. Cruz - Buendia) - 140 PHP
Safe budget - 1000 PHP


From Buendia, take a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna (fare 140php) and travel time is 2-3 hours. 
From Sta. Cruz, take a jeepney to Magdalena, fare is 13-15 pesos and travel time is around 15-30 minutes.

For inquiries/bookings:
Contact Tito Raf - 0916-5906424

It was really a fun and unforgettable experience. We thank to Sir Raf for the experience and for the hospitality. We love to do it again.


  1. Interesting adventure in the raft.

  2. wow ! gusto ko ma try to dong marco :)

    uy, may mga sponsored post ka na ha..humataw kana.

  3. isa rin to sa gusto ko maranasan kasu may phobia ako sa malalim eh hehehe hindi marunong lumangoy

  4. exciting adventure! kaya lang, gaya ni Manong Unyol, di rin marunong lumangoy, mahirap na. hehe... ;)

  5. hay sa wakas eto na ang omplete details. I'll be there one of these days he he

    1. Hi Ms. Balut! Hehehe. I support you pero sama ako. Hehehe! Joke!

  6. Takot tlga ako sa water rafting na yan pramis!

  7. I went rafting once, was actually pretty fun.

  8. wow this is a really detailed review! from the expenses to the directions...awesome!

    1. I want to share it to all who drop by and interested to try this kind of activities. Thank you, Geoff!

  9. Wow!! thanks dito!!
    my group are planning to go to CDO paramakapag Rafting meron pala dito, at mas mura pa >:D yey.. try naming pumunta jan within this month!! :) thanks

    1. Yes, Karren! You should try it there first before going to CDO. Hehe!

  10. My friends were here last year. haha

  11. sir marco, kano katagal ung rafting?

  12. Smoky Mountain visitors can go whitewater rafting in the Big Pigeon River, Ocoee River, Nantahala River and more! river rafting Pigeon Forge

  13. Sir ano youngest age allowed sa rafting?thank you

  14. This is impressive and also great information. I personally liked going through your solid points on this topic. Many thanks for creating such excellent material. This is excellent.


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