Friday, February 21, 2014

Boracay Island: Things To Do

Everyone is dreaming to spend their vacation in the best beach in the world, Boracay Island.  It is known for white sand beaches and leisure activities like; scuba diving, helmet diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kiteboarding, parasailing, and water sport rides. It is among the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. In fact, Boracay Island was awarded as the best island in the world in 2012.

This small island is located at the Northwest of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. 

It was developed among the best travel destination for relaxation and nightlife. It is also one competitive venue for the Asian Windsurfing Tour. The white beach is well known beach on the island –it is about four kilometres long. There are various establishment likes resorts, hotels, lodging houses, and restaurant.

Beforehand, this island is included in the to-do list of a traveller like me. I am glad that I was able to visit here. The original plan, actually, was to join the Ati-atihan Festival in Aklan and sidetrip on Boracay Island.  The plan was changed because when I make some inquiries for reservation all Inn and hotels are fully booked. I was so frustrated!

So, hello Boracay Island…

It was my first time on Boracay Island and so with my travel buddy, both of us have no idea on what to do. Since, I was appointed to make our itinerary. I stumble upon on a different blogs to have learned interesting activities.  

Things to do:

Fire Dance: The evenings on Boracay beach offer shows and entertained tourist like cultural dancing, live band or acoustic singer, and the most interesting is the Fire Dance.

Island Hopping: The Island is home of undeveloped beaches, crystal and turquoise waters, and colourful coral reefs. So, your adventure will not be completed if you did not do this!

Explore White Beach:  Boracay is known for famous white beach with crystal clear water and fine white sand. So, discover the beauty of four kilometres white beach. You can jog/run in the morning or in the afternoon. Walking with your bare foot, sun bathing and then, watch sunset!

Puka Beach: If you want to escape from the busy and crowded Boracay station from 1, 2, and 3. Then, Puka Beach is good for you! It is a peaceful stretch of white sand in the northern tip of the island. The sand is not as fine as white beach. You can hire a tricycle to take you there.

Snorkeling: Take a glance of the thriving sea life. But, sad to say, we can’t see the beauty under the sea because the weather is not so good due to the low pressure that hits Visayas and Mindanao. The water is not so clear!

Pig-Out: There are several restaurants establishments around the beach. We tried to consume in the street foods, which is very interesting, Smoke Restaurant, and finally, I tried the Jonah’s Fruit Shake.

Other leisure activities are mentioned above and other interesting pastimes are FlyFish, Banana Boat, ATV car ride and buggy cart, Parasailing, Jetski, skim boarding and more.

Since, our flight was re-scheduled and so we decided to join the last part of Ati-Atihan Festival. I am so glad that we can still witness the festival. Next time, we will try the other activities Boracay Island can offers. Lastly, we enjoyed the trip because of the amazing scenery. Happy travelling!

More photos here...

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  1. Wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. nice sana mapuntahan ko to kahit silip lang masabing naapakan ko lang ang buhangin ng Boracay... di kasi ako sanay sa maingay na lugar lalo na yung may night life :)

    1. We stayed at Station 3, sir. Tahimik at di crowded doon. :)

  3. I'd rather go for the food. Not a fan of beaches.

  4. gaya ni manong unyol, di ko rin trip ang crowded beach, so if ever pupuntahan ko na ang boracay, sched ko siguro during lean season, kung meron ba nun dun, para kaseng lagi syang matao eh. :)

    1. Matao nga siya kaya nga doon kami sa station 3 nagstay kasi di siya masyado crowded. Saka, may beach doon na pwede mo puntahan na hindi masyadong pinupuntahan. Yong Puka beach! Kaya, go na! Haha

  5. Wow. Looks like a great place. Stunning beaches and good food. Who can ask for more?

    1. Stunningly beautiful! Thanks, Lady Lilith!

  6. Replies
    1. Yeah, that's really beautiful! Thanks, Thomas!

  7. Fave place ko sa Boracay ang Puka pero you have everything you need in the White Beach area. :)

  8. i've been to boracay last year... it was a blast.. dahil doon nabuo ko ito:

  9. I have had friends go to Boracay for years now and can't say enough about it. I am planning a trip there soon and am glad to see this post. Thanks, Tim


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