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My Four Days Adventure in Sagada

It is the 5th Class municipality in the Mountain Province, Philippines. The population is around 11, 244 people according in the 2010 census.  Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins and other tourist destination like; mountains, spelunking in the cave, waterfalls, rappelling, rock climbing, and visiting historical sites.

Sagada is located 275 km North of Manila and 140 km away from the city of Pines, Baguio City. It is bordering to Bontoc, the provincial Capital.

I’ve been in Mountain Province four years ago and I still want to visit and explore the place. When my travel buddy informs me that they will have an adventure in the province, I immediately filed vacation leave and join them.

Day 1

Wednesday night of February 26, 2014; I met them at the Victory Bus Terminal – Cubao, bound to Baguio City. It’s a six hours’ drive from Manila.

We arrived at five in the morning and ride a taxi going to Dangwa Terminal right away. The first trip bound to Sagada is exactly six in the morning. It takes another six hours.
Lumiang Cave to Sumaguing Cave
We were in Sagada at around twelve in the afternoon. We checked in at the George Guest House and we ate our lunch before we start our tour. Afterwards, we contacted our guide for the day then; proceed to our first activity which is the cave connection, Lumiang to Sumaguing Cave.

It was my first time to do the cave connection and I’m having fun doing it.  Caving is really more fun in the Philippines! That’s our first day end.

Day 2

We started our second day with Pinoy breakfast. Then, we’re excited and ready for our tour. We met James, our tour guide. Our activity for today is trekking. We started to trek at exactly seven o’clock in the morning heading to Marlboro Country, and reached the summit around nine. We then took some beautiful picturesque landscape and mountains. After minutes, we’re bound to blue Soil. There are many pine trees, wild strawberries, and flowers along the trail. It’s truly awesome! However, we arrived at our next stop at around lunchtime.
Trekking from Marlboro Country to Blue Soil to Pongas Falls
We agreed to continue our hike after our lunch.  We traverse mountains going to Pongas Falls. It’s another hour to be counted before we can reach the falls.  We are so fortunate because we are the only tourist in the falls –it was so nice! We stayed there for a couple of hours. However, you can get to the falls you just need to pass to the village, hanging bridge, and the rice fields. It was a very tiring day, but the hardships are worthwhile.

Day 3

Its freezing cold in the morning and it’s hard to get up from the bed, but we have to because there are many activities that we need to do today. Another day to explore and to enjoy!

We maximize our time on the 3rd day of our adventure here in Mountain Province. We went to jeepney terminal after our breakfast. The first trip bound to Aguid is nine in the morning. So, before that, we decided to visit the Eco Valley and Hanging Coffins. And, we visited the church as well!
Bomod-ok Falls
Next stop is Bomod-ok Falls, upon arrival we registered right away and pay five hundred pesos. A guide approaches us and she will lead us going to the falls. The sun is already up by this time and we started trekking by then. The trail is going up and down and passes in the rice fields. It takes about thirty to forty five minutes walked when you get to the falls. It was already jumped-pack with different tourists from different places and countries.

We go back to the town after an hour.
wild strawberries and flower
We had a quick lunch at House of Pinikpikan and then, met Joey afterwards, our guide for today. It’s already two o’clock in the afternoon when we start our hike to Mt. Ampacao. Well, another heart-pounding activity! We passed by the village, across mountains, and encounter wild flowers. The trail is easy from the start, but then again, when moving up to the peak. My heart is pounding and I felt that I can’t make it anymore. Of course, I can make it to reach the summit!
Reaching Mt. Ampacao
We’re struggling because it became steeper and steeper until we meet the summit around four in the afternoon. From the summit, we back to the trail to traverse going to Lake Danum. We are all in a hurry to catch the sunset at the lake. But, sad to say, it was already six in the evening by the time we’re in the Lake Danum.

Day 4

It was very tiring in the 3rd day of our adventure that’s why; we fail to catch the sunrise in the morning at the Kiltepan. Sigh! Better luck next time guys!
Catching the sunset
Lake Danum

It’s our last day and for today, we are just roaming around the town. Buy pasalubong and souvenir items! And, went back to Baguio City by five in the afternoon!

It was super fun and exhausting adventure, but the memories will always treasure! And, looking forward to see you again, Sagada!

More photos here...

So, how about you? Did you have any adventure for today? How was it?

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  1. Hmn, bakit kaya hindi tayo nagkasalubong dun? Dun sa pilapil papuntang Bomod-ok. hehehehe

    Gaganda namana ng mga pics! Nakakaengganyo tuloy bumalik dun.

  2. Ay, sa George Guest House din pala kami tumira ni Guyito hehehe. Ganda ng view from the floor where we stayed.

  3. Sagada is one of the places in the Philippines that I would definitely go back if I got a chance again. The place is so tranquil, inviting and relaxing. The atmosphere of the mountains is different. It gives me a feeling to reflect yet with sense of adventure.

    1. That's correct! I want to go back there as well!

  4. I missed Sagada because of your post!!!


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