Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mt. Maculot – Rockies – Grotto Traverse

We already climbed the famous Rockies in Mount Maculot. We’ve done it by twin day hike; Rockies and Manabu Peak. Maculot has three destinations: 1) the Rockies, 2) Summit, and 3) Grotto. Most hikers are just stop at the Rockies only and few people will pursue the traverse. But, that’s my group is going to do. We will explore the forested side of the mountain.

The mountain is about 930 meters above sea level. The trail to the summit is easy and mostly forested. From the Rockies, it takes only an hour to reach the summit. And, at the summit, one can see the Rockies surrounded by waters of Taal Lake and Taal volcano is also visible here. However, there are some part of the trail that is overgrown, but don’t worry because it is not difficult to follow.

From the summit, we go down and follow the trail that leads to Grotto. This part is quite steep and there are some parts that one used rope on the descent. The forest ends where the Grotto appears and just follows the station of the cross to downward until reach the end of the trail. 

Overall, climbing Mt. Maculot traverse is a very easy and wonderful experience to share to your friends and co-hikers. The view is stunning especially if the cloud is so clear! It can be combined for a twin day hike with Manabu Peak. 

04:00AM – Meet up
05:30AM – Ride a bus bound to Cuenca, Batangas (signboard Lemery)
07:30AM – Arrived at Cuenca, ride a tricycle to jump-off, registration 
08:00AM – Start trek
09:45AM – Campsite
10:00AM – Rockies
11:00AM – Trek from Rockies to Summit
12:00NN – Summit
12:15PM – Trek to Grotto
02:00PM – Arrived Grotto (Our Lady of Lourdes)
02:30PM – Jump-off, rest, freshen up
03:00PM – Back to Lipa City
05:30PM – Manila bound

147Php each – Bus
20Php each – Tricycle
334Php each – Guide Fee ( 1000Php for Traverse)

How to get there?
Take a bus (Cubao/Pasay) bound to Lemery, Batangas and drop off Cuenca. Then, ride a tricycle going to Registration booth and get a guide (required).

More photos, click >>> Here!

Happy Hiking!

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