Sunday, March 1, 2015

Conquered Mt. Haponang Banoy (Rodriguez, Rizal)

Our friend is inviting us to join him in conquering the mountain in Rodriguez, Rizal. According to him, this is not yet known for some hikers and no one has been there yet (Please correct us if we were wrong). In my research, this mountain is 462m and it ranks as the 19th highest mountain in the province of Rizal based on peakery data. 

On the fourth Saturday of January, we met up at Jollibee Farmers Cubao and had a quick breakfast to have strength and energy. We then left Cubao at around five in the morning going to Eastwood/Montalban. In front of Mini Stop store, we met Jeff together with our new hiking buddies Jane and Raquel. We chartered a tricycle bound to Brgy. Wawa and meet our guide, Emman.
view from the peak

Afterward, we start walking passing through hanging bridge. The first part of the trail is a bit steep and forested. We passed by “mang-uuling”, forty five minutes after; we were welcomed by a rocky trail. This is it! Each step is going up and down, up and down. It is getting harder because the trail is not yet established. This is, indeed, challenging!

Hikers should wear gloves and long trekking pants as the rocks are very sharp. It requires scrambling, rock climbing, and bouldering. At the summit, the view is stunningly beautiful and one can see the panoramic view of Rizal.

For me, if I am going to rate the difficulty of the mountain, its 9/9 because so far this is the hardest mountain I even climbed. I am having a hard time climbing this mountain, but exciting! And most of all, we had so much fun!


05:00AM – Meet up at Jollibee Farmers Cubao
06:00AM – Arrived at Eastwood/Montalban
06:30AM – Jump-off Brgy. Wawa
07:00AM – Trek started
11:30AM – Summit
12:00NN – Lunch/Rest
01:30PM – Descent
04:00PM – Arrived at jump-off, snacks
04:30PM – Sidetrip (Wawa Dam)
05:00PM – Back to Cubao

 50Php each – FX from Cubao to Eastwood/Montalban
10Php each – Tricycle from Eastwood to Wawa
***we gave 100Php each to the Guide

How to get there?
Take a FX/Van bound to Eastwood/Montalban and drop off to Eastwood Mini Stop. Take a tricycle or jeep going to Brgy. Wawa. Meet the guide.

Local Guide, Emman 0949-395-6589

This is my eighteenth conquered mountain! Happy hiking! 

More photos here...


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