Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mt. Ayaas (Rodriguez, Rizal)

Another week to spend in the mountain with these two adventurer buddies and this is in the province of Rizal, Mt. Ayaas is about 567m and it ranks as the 14th highest mountain in the province. Again, we are going to explore another mountain here. 

I met Tolits at Jollibee Farmers and from there we rode car bound to Eastwood/Montalban. We then, met Jeff in front of Mini Stop store and bought some food and water. Afterwards, we rode tricycle going to Wawa and met Emman, the guide.

We are down to three because others have their own commitments on that day. So, Tolits, Jeff and yours truly will pursue to conquer Mount Ayaas. From jump-off in Wawa Dam, passing through the river and trekking has started. The first part of the trail is river crossing and passing through bamboo trees. It’s an easy trail, actually! But, still need a guide as some part of the trail is confusing. 
view from the top

descending mount ayaas
At that moment, we entered in a jungle trail and many fruit trees. We then saw a house in the mountain which according to our guide, this is the last house. We reached the transmission tower. An hour after that, grassland appears on our sight that leads us to the summit. 

At the summit, one can see the Mount Haponang Baboy, Mount Pamitinan, and more. We were descending from the summit to the other side of the mountain and exit to Brgy. Mascap. It takes one to two hours until you reach Brgy. Mascap and from there, you can charter a tricycle bound to San Isidro/Eastwood Montalban. 

We successfully get to the summit. Tired, but happy feet!

This is my 19th official conquered mountain.

05:00AM – Meet up at Jollibee Farmers Cubao
06:00AM – Arrived at Eastwood/Montalban
06:30AM – Jump-off Brgy. Wawa
07:30AM – Trek started
10:30AM – Summit
11:30AM – Descent
12:00NN – Lunch
01:30PM – Arrived at Brgy. Mascap, tricycle
02:30PM – Arrived at San Isidro
03:00PM – Snacks/Post Lunch/Freshen up
05:00PM – Back to Cubao

 50Php each – FX from Cubao to Eastwood/Montalban
10Php each – Tricycle from Eastwood to Wawa
***we gave 100Php each to the Guide

How to get there?
Take a FX/Van bound to Eastwood/Montalban and drop off to Eastwood Mini Stop. Take a tricycle or jeep going to Brgy. Wawa. Meet the guide. 

Local Guide, Emman 0949-395-6589

More photos here...

Happy Hiking!

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