Monday, February 1, 2016

Travel Blogger of the Month: Q&A with Sky and Summer

Today is the first day of what we called “Love Month” and our Travel Blogger of the Month is a lovely couple which currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The owner of Sky and summer are both from Mindanao and they met in Cebu. In 2010, they decided to take another chapter in their relationship. And, in 2014, they renewed vows.

Sky and summer shared their travel experiences and tips through my Q&A with Travel blogger.

Q and A with Sky and Summer

1. What is your purpose of travelling?
Explore new places, learn and different cultures and meet people. 

2. Do you travel solo? or in a group?
We’re a duo but we can join a group for more fun.

3. How often do you travel?
Leash had been in place, so we say at least once in every quarter.

4. If your answer in #2 is travelling solo, then what are the best locations for solo traveler?

5. Give at least 5 travel tips to our readers:

a. Subscribe to news mail and social media of Airlines/ Hotel  to get ahead of that promos.

b. Always be early to the airport.

c. Bring dry fit shirts when visiting hot humid countries. It’s easy to wash and fast to dry.

d. Bring in empty water bottle, this saves a lot of moolah.

e. Wears a smile, wherever you are. It’s a Universal language.

6. What are your 3 memorable travel destinations (please do share your best photos)?
a. Bagan, Myanmar
b. Koh Lipe Thailand
c. Borobudur Temple, Magelang Indonesia

You can connect with this lovely couple to:
Twitter: @boundfortwo
Instagram: boundfortwo

To this lovely couple: I am glad that they accept my invitation to answer all questions on the form. I wish all the happiness and love. Happy love month to both of you. More travel! :)


  1. Thanks Marco for the feature, it's flaterring. :)


    Sky and Summer


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