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Travel Blogger of the Month: Going Places

Hello guys! Today’s blog post is our next travel blogger of the month. He has been traveling since he was 7 years old.  Yes! You read it right! His mother brought him in her various trips abroad and many places. And since then, he became a travel addict.

I am glad to introduce our blogger of the month is, drum roll please… Ian, the author of Going Places.

Below are the travel tips and travel experiences from Ian.
The Great Wall of China - Mutyaniu Section, Beijing, China

Q and A with Pinoy Travel Freak
1. What is your purpose of travelling?
My purpose is mainly to live out my life motto of “travel is an experience of a lifetime”. Travel is an opportunity not just to go places but also a good way to experience the best of life can offer. Travelling is a better way for me to learn the realities of life, discover the cultures surrounding us and how beautiful our country is - which by the way; it is indeed more fun in the Philippines!

2. Do you travel solo? Couple? Or in a group?
I always travel in group because it is always fun with others and travel moments are best shared when you traveled with friends and loved ones. I haven’t experience travelling solo yet. 

3. How often do you travel? 
In a year, at least 5 to 8 times but the concentration of my travels is during Summer since the weather in the country is good for local travel. Summertime coincides not just the start of my travelling season but also my birthday trips as my birth month falls on the first month Summer which is March.

4. What would be the best destinations for a solo traveler, for a couple, for a group or with family and friends?
I haven’t experience solo travelling but I can recommend 5 best destinations for a couple, for a group or with family and friends which I have been to.

a) Thailand – It is best for both first –timers and groups because Thailand is cheap and affordable yet a country very rich in places to see, food to taste and culture to experience.

b) Camiguin – You will fall in love with this island province because it’s gorgeous sceneries and quiet atmosphere are romantic and at the same time fun and exciting.
White Island, Camiguin

c) Vietnam – There so many things to see and to experience in Vietnam especially when you go out of its capital city. It is also very cheap to travel around Vietnam. No need to be a big spender because if you have enough money you can entirely travel and explore the whole country in 2 weeks!

d) Zambales – The beautiful coves of Zambales which mainly caters to campers is a great way to bond with family, friends and loved ones as bonfire by night let’s you share activities that don’t need so much gadgets to be entertain. Plus sceneries of mountain ranges and beaches are superb backdrops!

e) Albay – Adventurous at heart will surely love all the outdoor activities of the province. But if you prefer a relaxing and calming activity, simply admiring the beauty of Mayon Volcano will surely do satisfy you. 

5. Give at least 5 travel tips to our readers. 
a) Research the place that you are going to visit by reading travel blogs and asking queries to the person who actually travelled on the place you want to visit. Research will help you a lot in budgeting, accommodation, itineraries, timetables and sites that are must-see in the place.

b) Take a time off from social media and connection to your urban life. You wouldn’t be able to savor to the fullest the new place and the new experience that is being expose to you if you keep on tweeting and posting a shout and check-in just to be keep everyone updated and be on the hashtag ATM mode.

c) Stay safe in anything you do in travel. Be aware of accident prone areas and activities that might cause injuries. And don’t touch any marine animal or corals when snorkeling. Be aware of poisonous marine animals that seemed harmless like jellyfish, sea urchin, lionfish and stone fish.

d) Be aware of the time! Always keep in mind that time is very essential in every aspect of travel. From flights, bus schedules, days of stay, frequency of transportations, weather changes up to distances of one place to another, time always play a vital role in travel.

e) Always check the weather to the place that you are visiting on your target date of travel because bad weather definitely spoils your once in a lifetime trip.

6. What are your 3 memorable travel destinations and why? (please do share your best photos)
a) Bohol – Aside from being my first time in Bohol and experiencing its haven of natural beauty, this destination was my first ever birthday trip in which I actually travelled on my birth date.  I have never been so happy than doing my one great passion in life on your special day!  It was an experience I will never forget! My birthday trip to Bohol also started my yearly tradition of having a yearly birthday trip on my birthday day.
Chocolate Hills of Bohol

b) Beijing, China – It was a dream destination to me ever since it was announced as the host of 2008 Summer Olympics. It is not just a historical trip but it also let me appreciate China, the Chinese people and its rich culture. It is also a trip wherein I carefully planned a very hands-on and do-it-yourself style of travel which I successfully pull-off. I was able to do DIY trip to the Great Wall of China with only the help of printed guides and travel blogs sans language barrier. But what also makes it memorable is that my trip to China was one of my travels that I really work hard for it to happen. Imagine, I spend two years saving money to fund my trip to China!

c) Anilao, Mabini, Batangas – This is one of the destinations that I truly enjoyed group travel with friends. When my friends at work happened to have a schedule of same day-off, we didn’t let pass the chance to have a great bonding time by having a “best day-off ever” in Anilao! It was fun and memorable because on this trip we get a chance to know things about each other and about ourselves as well. What makes this destination memorable the most is we get a chance to establish a long lasting friendship in our circle. This is one of my trips that I truly experienced, the travel thought – “As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination”

7. Who is your ideal traveler? Why?
My mom, Gloria C. Poral. Why? Because she is the true viajera at heart in our family. Since, I was 7 years-old, she already brought me on her various trips abroad and she has been to many places before I get into travel world. She introduce to me to the travel world at a young age! I think this was the reason why I grow up as a travel addict! But I admire her most for having always a thirst for adventure and for discovering the world around her.

I also looked up to Chyng Reyes of No spam, no virus, no kiddin!. Her travel photos are superb and travel tips are helpful. But I also love the way she tells her travel stories which were fun, adventurous and entertaining. 

To the owner of Going Places, it is my privilege to feature a travel blogger like you. And, for that, I'd like to thank you for giving me a chance to let me share your tips and experiences through this site.

Connect with Ian - Going Places through social media sites.

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  1. Thanks for the feature! I also enjoy reading this!

  2. nice to hear that of the many places you visited, anilao is on your top 3 most memorable places. hope you'll visit more of batangas Ian :)

    ~proud batangueƱa here~ :)


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