Thursday, May 19, 2011

Food trip @ Bellini's Italian Fastfood

Are you a food lover? Do you love to eat? Or do you love food tripping?
Yes! Most of us love to eat. Some people liked to explore where to eat, experiment food and explore restaurant that have a good quality of food. And yes food that will satisfy our tastes.

So, here I am to share with you the food that I have tried at Bellini’s Italian Fast Food & Restaurant. 

Focaccia bread is one of the most popular and ancient types of flat breads available. Often baked with herbs, cheese or other ingredients added to the dough, focaccia can be looked upon as a predecessor of the modern pizza.

This bread is usually eaten accompanied by some sort of topping or seasonal additive, and recipes for focaccia bread range from sweet to savory, and form extremely simple to requiring several hours of preparation.

The name of this bread is taken from the Roman Phrase "panis focacius," which referred to flat load bread cooked upon a hearth or under the ashes of a fire.

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Mixed Salami

Historically, salami has been popular among Italian peasants because it can be stored at room temperature for periods of up to 10 years, supplementing a possibly meager or inconsistent supply of fresh meat. Varieties of salami are traditionally made in Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

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Tartufo Funghi Con Prosciutto

I love their Italian Pasta because its creamy. And the Bellini's Special Pizza is great! I love it!

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Bellini's Special Pizza

Right after that, I've tried the orange cake. And yes! It pass my taste! Yummy! Or you can have their Tiramisu al Limone. That according to my friend, tiramisu is popular Italian dessert. 

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Orange Cake

After eating all the food we have in our dining table, the waiter gave me one shot of Italian wines. 


The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. The places are clean and solemn. The table arranged accordingly. And the food? Hmmm... I would love to say... YUMMY!!! 

Bellini’s Italian Fast Food & Restaurant is located at Stall 68-69 Marikina Shoe Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City.

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