Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hapadog carmelized onions
I heard Hapadog from a friend of mine and I’ve searched it in the net to find out what hapadog is. Then I’ve found out that, hapadog is a Japanese-style hotdog. So, last week I have time to visit and try their hotdogs.

I ordered Hapadog with carmelized onions.

What can I say?

Hmm…yummy! I am the man who loves to eat bread. Take note, I can live with only bread as my meals for the whole day. Wink!

Next time, I will try their other signature hotdogs.

HAPADOG is an original Japanese-style hotdog. 

HAPA - adj. 1. Slang. of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in asian and/ or pacific islander ancestry. n. 2. Slang. a person of such ancestry. {der./hawaiian: hapa haole. (half 
white) }

Hapadog is located at SM North Edsa, Sky garden.


  1. Do they have other branches? I've already heard about it but never got to try. Thanks for sharing this, I'll prolly drop by SM North one of these days. :)

  2. As far as I know, only in SM North. But to be sure, you can check their website if they have branches. Try it! :)


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