Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Food Trip: Mang Larry's Isawan

photo from spreadsomeawesome
If you are in Quezon City, I am pretty much sure you heard about Mang Larry’s Isawan, the house specialty is Isaw manok or the chicken intestines.

Are you a fan of street food? Well, I guess you should not miss out on Mang Larry’s Isawan.  The price is so cheap, the serving is fairly small but you won’t regret because small servings means easier and faster cooking. Your name being called just around 5 minutes right after you paid for your order.  

The famous of Mang Larry’s Isawan are isaw baboy and isaw manok but you can also try their pork barbecue, betamax, pork ears, and chicken liver and chicken gizzard. To complete your meal, they have soft drinks and water. But of course, don’t forget your choices of sweet or spicy dipping sauce!

One thing is that don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself ordering more sticks of isaw manok because every customers might just be doing the same thing.

Mang Larry Isawan is located at U.P. Diliman, Cart#11, across Kalayaan Dorm.


  1. hataw si Mang larry ah :) kumikitang kabuhayan... ako like ko inihaw na tenga ng baboy hehehe :p

  2. Oo nga e. Pinipilahan talaga siya. One time na nagpunta ako doon. Marami ng naghintay na magbukas ang tindahan. :D


  3. Marco, thanks for the visit bro. When I was in college, I'm a frequent diner of isawan in my province. I always drop by on my way home from school. Yeah, might try this Mang Larry's in the future. Baka magkita pa tayo dyan! haha

  4. Wow! Sige, Mike! See you there! Lol!


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