Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Special

There comes a time in our busy lives when we have opportunity to meet someone. And we believe that there are few passers-by. We can be got to know them while waiting for a ride, or that vendor over there, the cashier at the Bank, or may happen to be the person who has sent you a bad text messages, or the person in the field of the blog, in the chat room, or a person who wrote a simple greeting on the keyboard for you. It depends… and I'm sure it happens to you and me in various forms.

And soon you find yourself deeply interested for this person, as we thought they would be the normal passers-by that they would just like to say "hi" and at the end will also bid a surprising “goodbye". But for some it wasn't the case because you realized that they were destined to be there, they seem to serve some purpose, to brighten your day with a daily greeting, to make you feel important, to convey some lessons and even to help you discover who you are.

Ironically it may sound, it could be that they are a complete stranger at first, but when you move your gaze to these people or continue communicating with them, and then you feel that certainty at the time, this person will affect or even change your life … in a deep insight that you have never imagined.

True enough, this feeling will soon become a part of your everyday life and the worst … that finally consumes your thoughts and actions. Day to day is always a possibility to “get to know you” process, and as times passes, emotions are involved. This time, sharing dreams together, plans and exchanging sweet quotes bounded by text messages and calls. And then, you realized you were taken by the four letter magic word

May be you come from the opposite side of the world, perspective and opinions in some ways, with morals to be maintained and family background to be identified. But you take the risk! And you also realized that the experience is worth taking. But hey, making two realities jump into one is like riding a roller-coaster.

You both are definitely different…it could be the other-half likes sport and current events and you go for travelling. That other-half is very opinionated and perfectionist and you are just like easy go lucky guy. But you're giving way from each others opinion, likes, and dislikes. Good thing is that you both have something in common. And above all these, you still like each other, respect each other and love each of one.

There had been a handful of misunderstanding and fights but it’s a learning process. You realized that there is no wrong so hurtful that it cannot be forgiven. And for those who have wronged you, the best measure of forgiveness is your ability to be able to continue to love even if you have been shattered, hurt or rejected. 

But, still the relationship is not working and the ending of the story is breaking up which very painful.

However, the flight is still on between you and the so-called other-half and the created world is still moving. Hoping everything will be fine and will be together soon. God knows...


  1. Happy Valentine's Ninong! Whatever you do today, just remember to play it safe. LOL!

    And oh, yeah -- relationships will make you grow and that special someone, through whatever differences maybe, will always see you and love you for who or what you are.

    God bless!

  2. @MICHAEL: Happy Valentines Day, Ninong! Kung magpaputok ka..Ingat ingat lang. Lol! :D

  3. Happy Heart's Day, bro. napakaganda naman nito.


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