Friday, February 10, 2012

I run. I conquer. I help built a Mangrove Forest.

One of my New Years Resolution is not just travelling and exploring the country but to indulge myself to physical activities like running, playing badminton and swimming (I definitely try swimming!). So, my first running activity was the Condura Skyway Marathon – it is one of the well known marathons in the country which for this year’s mission is to build a Mangrove Forest.

I run. I conquer. I help built a Mangrove Forest.

What can you say about it? Condura Skyway Marathon is the only marathon that uses the skyway as the main route of the marathon. It’s a dream come true because who would have thought that you can actually cross the skyway on your own foot. It has a terrific view of the sunrise, too!

Why join? I got interested to join the marathon not just because it is one of the more well know and organized marathons in the country. But because the marathon route was really interesting, it’s in skyway. Feeling like running in the sky! Also, it’s good for health and stays fit.

Reason to run: People run to stay fit and to lose weight. So, am I! I run because I want to stay fit and to have strong bones.

Some benefits are:

-it allows you to burn an average of 100 calories per each mile.
-makes body functions better.
-improves sleep, eating and relaxation.
-lose weight.
-improves cardiovascular health.
-improves bone health.
-improves mood and better coordination.

Official Result: 
Gun Time: 01:42:32 Chip Time: 01:18:29 


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