Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food Trip at Banchetto

photo from ely
Banchetto is a perfect place to hang out. If you guys loves to eat. When it comes to food tripping, Banchetto is the right place for you and your officemates and friends. But always keep in mind that alcohol is prohibited. So, keep it balanced with just a whole lot of excellent foods.

For me, I called it as Food Feast because you can choose what do you like to eat, it is not just only isaw, barbeque, hotdog, squid ball, betamax but there are a wide range of dishes, from Philippine barbecues, Japaneses food, and Shawarma, desserts, pastries, and a lot more. Whatever you want to eat, they have it all! 

If I hang out with my other-half before, we’ll always drop by in the place and find something new to try. We love to explore the place and try foods that we never eat before. But both of us always love the cakes and pantries. It is so scrumptious!

If you want to try, you can check the Banchetto schedule below:

BANCHETTO – Shopwise
Tuesday nights (7pm – 4am)
Along C5 Road, Barangay Bagumbayan
Near Libis Quezon City

Wednesday and Thursday night (8:30pm – 6am)
At back of Cybergate, Robinsons Pioneer

BANCHETTO – Meralco Avenue
Friday night (5pm-4am)
Meralco Avenue, Ortigas
Between DepEd and Renaissance Towers

Saturday and Sunday night (4pm – 12MN)
At the 6th level parking area inside SM Cubao


  1. The more I miss Philippines.. isaw, yum!


    1. Yes! Hehehe! You can eat that isaw when you come back here, Mommy Liz! :D

  2. Ive never been to any of these Bancheto..
    my bad, because I work at night..
    And I heard a lot about it!

  3. medyo malayo sa amin, but then, if ever we go near the place then try visiting it na rin. Seems ok naman.

  4. wishing you a great day my dear friend!! big smile for you!!

  5. I remember -- for most of last year -- we'll meet Friday nights at around 10, we hang out till morning, and at 5 we'll drop by Banchetto and stay there till 8am to eat! It was my brother who introduced me to Banchetto. We love their barbeques, the litson kawali, the fried rice, pasta, the pizza, the crepes. Yum! Haha

    But we don't frequent it lately.

    Just my honest opinion, food is great everywhere. For me, what matters more is the company that we keep while we feast on delicious food. It's definitely more fun to eat when we're with friends and people that we like.

    Have a great week!

  6. I'm a bad urbanista :( Banchetto visit has always been a plan that never materialized :( soon I hope.

    Thanks for the visit. see ya around :)


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