Monday, April 2, 2012

Vacation and Travel Tips

Hi folks! The soul explorer is out of town starting on April 4 until April 11. He is going to his home town to visit his family and friends. It’s been a years that he's not seeing this people who are very close to his heart. He must consider the journey as adventure because he is going to take the trip by land. Yes! He is going to ride a bus from Manila (Luzon) going to Surigao City (Mindanao). It takes 2 days before he gets into Surigao City so this is really exciting journey! 
Aerial view of Surigao City

To lessen expenses or to avoid spending lots of cash, here are the basic of the cheap travel tips:

Plan in advance: If you plan it early, you can get a chance to lessen your expenses. You have more time to check all airfare promos/prices.

Fly Off-Season: Choosing a travel period during peak season is not advisable because it pays you a lot more cash. The affordable travel period is during a particular off season as there are smallest numbers of vacationer.

Book a Cheap Flight Online: The excellent way to get an inexpensive trip is to buy tickets from a lower price (Promos/discount). Book your flight very early before the travel date to get an inexpensive trip. Always check the website if they have promos because some airlines have promos!

Enjoy your vacation guys! Ciao!


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