Friday, November 1, 2013

What and where to eat in Legazpi City, Albay

Some people do their adventure with friends and family and some people do it alone. They like to do it yourself! They like to go to a place where they’re not familiar and explore the place. I am jealous of them because they are brave enough to do a solo trip. And as they are saying, do solo trips add more self-confidence. And, that’s what I like, to do a solo trip.

I am always accompanied by my group and friends when travelling or doing a great adventure.

Now, I am planning to do a solo trip and thinking where to go.  I decided to go Legaspi, Albay with the suggestion of my friend. I am so excited because that was the very first time solo trip. I am searching on the internet where to go and where to eat in Legaspi, Albay. And, with the help also of my friend, he suggested where and what to eat.

For now, I will share you what and where to eat in Albay. Here are my lists:

Small Talk Cafe
I’ve always heard about Pinangat Pasta and I wonder what is it? I am interested in it. He suggested me that you try it and so when we are in Small Talk café I ordered one of it. When the waitress served it to our table, it smells good. The taste of the pasta was good and delicious. It’s creamy Pinangat Pasta! The serving is good enough for one person. The place, for me, is nice!

Location: Doña Aurora Street, Legazpi City
Pinangat Pasta, Php110

1st Colonial Grill
Did you hear sili ice-cream? Yes! I heard it from my bicolano friend. So, when I was there. I would love to taste the sili ice-cream though I am not into chili food. But, I love to try it.  I was accompanied by my friend during that day. I tried the sili ice-cream and he got baileys ice-cream. I would love to say that you must try I am pretty sure that you will love the creamy and chili ice-cream. It is very unusual ice-cream because of its flavour.

Location: Villa Amada Building, Rizal Street, Legazpi City
Sili Ice-cream, Php79. Bailey's Ice-cream, Php79

Bigg’s Diner
On the next day for my trip, I went to Daraga Church for a picture scene of Mt. Volcano. Afterward, I have my breakfast to Bigg’s Diner. It was named Carl’s Diner and it changed on 21st of October 1994 and true to its name, Bigg’s Diner was a big hit easily which became the busiest restaurant in town. I tried Bistek Pinoy and it was good.

Location: Rizal Street, Legazpi City
Bistek Pinoy, Php105

Red Continent Dine and Café
Before I’m going back to Manila, my friend suggested that I should try Red Continent – it’s an authentic Bicolano and Filipino cuisines to greater heights and redefine the word spicy. They challenge their customers to pick from their desired level of spiciness that is warm, hot or volcanic.

And, he suggested that I will try the chili chicken express. So, I ordered what he suggested and without my knowledge it was good for two to three people. What? I was shocked when it served to my table. Haha! Anyway, you will be asked if your order will be warm, hot and volcanic (volcanic means super-hot).   I also tried their Pili Strawberry Sabayon. The chili chicken express is delicious. The pili strawberry sabayon is good, too! But, it was a small serving.

Location: GTS Building, Rizal Street, Legazpi City
Pili Strawberry Sabayon, Php45. Chili Chicken Express, Php180

So, if you are visiting Albay I do hope that you could try out the food listed above. I love and I really enjoyed my solo trip. And, I will do it again maybe next year. Thank you for visiting my page!


  1. It's good to do things in a group,
    alone can sometimes be very challenging.

  2. The food looks so tempting. When we were in Albay, we ate at Bigg's Diner and Gilian's Sea Wharf. Napakasarap ng Bicol Express nila!

    1. Haven't tried Gilian's Sea Wharf. Maybe, I should try it when I visit there again.
      Thanks, Earl!

  3. Hi Marco, the food looks very good!

  4. Some people eat to live, I live to eat! Haha

  5. So much meat. So much food.

    Now I'm hungry again.

  6. Okay, let's start with solo trip. Haven't tried it yet. Gusto ko din sana kaso I know it'll be more expensive since eating wise wala kang khati sa bill hehehe. Natatakot din ako na baka kulangin pera ko walang mauutangan. Pero the thought of doing it is still possible.

    I'm from Albay and I've tried these restos. Highly recommended talaga yung Small Talk. Fave ko yang Pinangat. Sili Ice cream is good in taste as well, creamy yet spicy. hehehe. I miss the Albayano foods again. Thanks for featuring our place.

    1. Oh, good to hear that your from Albay! I like your place and the food as well. I want to go back there soon. :)

  7. Yummy food.... Hope I can visit Albay someday...

  8. Yummy food.... Hope I can visit Albay someday...

  9. Yummy food.... Hope I can visit Albay someday...

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