Friday, December 13, 2013

Conquered Mt. Banoi

The last mountain I climbed was Mt. Kalisungan with 760 MASL. It was my 8th official mountaineering together with my friends. I stop climbing a mountain for almost three months because I am busy for my commitments. But, one day my friend Jeff invited me to join him to climb along with Ian, our mountaineer friend. Since I missed mountain climbing, without any hesitation I accepted the invitation.

Mt. Banoi, my 9th conquered mountain, is 850 MASL for the Two Towers Peak and about 960 MASL for the Main Peak, is located in the town of Lobo, Batangas, and is part of the mountain range that surrounds in the town. This is a minor climb and it’s about two to five hours of reaching the summit.

The first time we attempted to climb Mt. Banoi is failed because we are not able to reach the summit. From Sitio Malabnig, according to the local, is one to two hour trekking before you can reach the summit depending on how fast your pace is. And, take note, we arrived at Sitio Malabnig at two o’clock in the afternoon. Very late! So, we’re not able to make it. We just stay there for a while and we go back to the town because we need to catch up for the last trip going to Batangas that is five o’clock in the afternoon.

On our second attempt, we need to accomplish our mission, to reach the summit. Only Jeff and Ian are available on this day. This time, we arrived early in the town of Lobo. We rode a tricycle and asked the driver to drop-off at the Chapel.

You will begin your trek at the end of the road of Brgy. Balatbat, landmark is the Chapel. And, from there, about one and half an hour you will reach the major jump-off at Sitio Malabnig –is a community with dozen of houses and I salute to people living on the top of 400 MASL. 

The trail, actually, is not really confusing because it is mostly straightforward and you can ask the locals along the way, they are very helpful! You can also ask the people in the Sitio Malabnig the right way going to the Mt. Banoi. You can reach the first peak in 1.5 hours to two hours; it is easily identified because of the communication tower. The mountain features the scene of animal farm, villages, and the whole town of Lobo. Mt. Lobo, Mt. Daguldol, and Mt. Naguiling can be seen in the east.

We arrived at the first peak of the mountain during lunchtime and we decided not to pursue on the Main Peak instead of having a good lunch on the first peak. However, the views from the mountain are the same all the way through the peaks. It’s really up to you to visit the Main Peak. But, for us, we didn’t pursue to the Main Peak and we just stay and took our lunch. Then, descent.

Mt. Banoi Itinerary:
04:30 AM – meet up in Buendia, Pasay
05:00 AM – board bus bound to Batangas Grand Terminal, 157php
06:40 AM – arrive at Grand Terminal, ride jeepney going to Balagtas, 12php
07:15 AM – from Balagtas, ride a jeepney to Lobo Terminal, 8php
07:30 AM – board jeepney going to Lobo Town
08:50 AM – arrive at Lobo Town, register at police station, and ride a tricycle to jump-off (chapel)
09:00 AM – start trekking
10:00 AM – arrive at Sitio Malabnig
12:00 NN – first peak, Two Towers Peak, lunch
01:00 PM – descent
02:00 PM – Sitio Malabnig
03:30 PM – back to the Chapel, ride trike back to Lobo town (NOTE: get the contact number of the tricycle driver so he can pick you back to the town)
04:00 PM – clean up, ride a jeepney back to Batangas City
05:30 PM – Grand Terminal, back to Manila

Transportation: 500php
Food: 200php

And this is my 9th conquered mountain. Hooray!

Happy climbing! :)


  1. 18 climbs? Wow, Mukhang satisfying ang experience kasi inulit ulit mo sya,,

  2. Di nagbabasa si June! Hahaha! Grabe one day lang ang climb at descent, kakapagod, binasa ko pa lang napagod na ako hehe :)

  3. Nice climb so how is the preparation for coming Miri trip?

    1. We still finalize it. :D Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas! :)

  4. namiss ko ang bundok na ito madulas at madami ding baka mababait mga locals jan :)

  5. Nice hike you done there Marco.. :D

  6. Lovely photos, Marco! How impressive that you have climbed these mountains! I love to, and take many walks in nature parks but have never climbed a mountain. Great post!

    1. I also love to walk in nature. Thanks, Linda! :)

  7. Lupet! Twice pa lng ata ako nakaakyat ng bundok... Yeah satisfying pg nsa peak na😊

    1. Kaya dapat this year, akyat ka na ulit :)

  8. Will scale this mountain some time. Thanks for the tips! :)


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