Friday, January 3, 2014

Mt. Gulugod Baboy (525+) Adventure

What’s the best thing to do in holiday season? As for adventurer, the best thing to do in a holiday season is to travel or to complete what’s in the bucket list before the year 2013 ends. For us, we had our Christmas mountain climbing before we celebrate Christmas day.  This is not definitely the last mountain for this year because we also plan to do our year-end hike. There are options where to climb, but fortunately, we all agreed to climb a mountain in Anilao.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy, is officially my 10th conquered mountain, is located in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines. It is a minor climb that requires half-day and one to two hours to summit. There are three peaks in the range; the first one is about 470 MASL, the second peak is about 485 MASL, and the highest peak is about 525 MASL.

From Southeast to Northwest are Gulugod Baboy (Peak 1), Gitna (Peak 2), and Pinagbanderahan (Peak 3). At the peak, from east to west; you can see the Janao Bay, Maricaban Island and Sombrero Islands are visible. The east side, you can see the city and the port of Batangas. The mountains of Lobo, Mt. Maculot, Mt. Batulao, and the Tagaytay highlands are also noticeable too!

My group decided to meet at the Bus Terminal in Buendia and we rode a bus bound to Batangas City. From Batangas Grand Terminal, we hired a jeep going to Mabini then drop-off at Philpan Diving Resort, and register. We start trek around ten thirty in the morning, it was already hot. And, we reached at the summit by twelve noon and had lunch then, took some pictures.

We’ve met Mr. Herman from Belguim and we are amazed by his energy. He was biking from the jump off up to the summit. And, we totally admire him as he discussed the place you can see around the mountain and everything. He knows what you can see from Southeast to Northwest and from East to West. We just like, Wow! Amazing man!
the famous tree

Pastoral view
Do you remember teletubbies land?  Yes, the mountain is looked like a teletubbies land.  At the peak, the clouds are not totally clear during that day, but we still amazed the beauty of the nature. However, we just witness the romantic view of the sunset when we descent. What I like this adventure is that the trail is very easy because you are just going straightforward until you have reached the peak of the mountain. Locals are very helpful, you can ask them.
the romantic sunset 
07:30AM – Meet up, Buendia Bus Terminal
08:00AM – Ride a bus bound to Batangas City, 157php
10:30AM – Batangas Grand Terminal, rent a jeep going to Mabini,
11:30AM - jump-off Philpan Diving Resort, register
11:35AM – start trek
12:35PM – Gulugod baboy (Peak 1)
01:00PM – Gitna (Peak 2)
01:30PM – Pinagbanderahan (Peak 3), Lunch
03:00PM – descent
04:30PM – clean up and refresh
05:00PM - back to Batangas Terminal
06:30PM – back to Manila

Bus – 157php
Rent a Jeepney – 130php (14pax)

And this is my official 10th conquered mountain! Hooray!

Until next climb,


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was really nice! Thank you my friend! :)

  2. Bakit sikat yung puno Panget? Beautiful sunset indeed.

    1. Siguro kasi siya lang ang puno na malapit sa summit. At halos yata ng mountaineer ang may kanya-kanyang pa-picture dyan. :)

  3. Wow... very nice view.... good climbed...

  4. Hey Marco! Dan here from Travel And Count.

    My second cousin, Kenneth, also went up Mt. Gulugod Baboy last week. Wonder if you were on the same group too.

    1. Hi Danilo! Hmmm, we're not on the same group too. I don't remember a name of Kenneth. Hehe!

  5. So sino ka sa Teletubbies? si Tinky Winky kah! ha ha ha

    Pasko na namundok pa! :P

  6. Reading this post now makes me sad that I miss climbing MT. DULANG DULANG today with my travel buddies. :) Just got well from a three day flu. :( I wish i wasn't sick. :( Great post Marc. :)

    1. Sorry to hear that! Get some rest, sir! Take care.. :)

      Thanks! :)

  7. Ikaw na bro ang hari ng mga bundok. Great adventure and nice snapshots.

  8. Hi Marco, I just want to ask lang kung yung jeep na naghatid sa inyo from grand terminal to jump-off is the same jeep din na sumundo sa inyo pauwe going to grand terminal? If yes, pwede ko ba mahingi ung contact number nung jeep? thank you po.

    1. Hi Louie,
      Yes! Siya din sumundo sa amin. Hindi ko siya mairecommend sa inyo kasi naligaw kami noong pagpumunta namin. Tapos noong sinundo niya kami, humihinto siya para kumuha ng pasahero.


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