Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mt. Ampacao Traverse to Lake Danum

On the third day of our Sagada Escapade, after quick lunch we immediately change our clothes and meet Joey, our guide. We are all tired from our activities earlier, but we still pursue our mission for that day.  We began to walk heading to the jump-off site of Mt. Ampacao. It’s in Ambasing Elementary School.

It is one of the must-visit tourist spots in Mountain, Province. It offers a superb view of Sagada and surrounding villages.

The mountain is located in Sagada, Mountain Province; it is 1889 MASL, two hours to reach to the summit which offers a beautiful scene of Sagada. The jump-off is at Brgy. Ambasing.  There are two important landmarks of the mountain; the first one is ranch which some hikers mistakenly call it as the summit, and the second is the peak of mountain.

The first summit is the ranch where you can pitch tent here if you stay overnight. However, additional thirty minutes going up to the peak of Mt. Ampacao. It’s a concrete trail and there’s a part also that are rocky. Pine trees are everywhere throughout the trails which give common shade that helps hiker not feel the heat of the sun. The weather, obviously, is still cold which I truly like during the climb.

It’s around one to two hours trek depending on the pace and another twenty to thirty minutes from the ranch to the summit. It has a Smart Cell site at the peak of Mt. Ampacao, which is denoted that it is the highest point. You will see the panoramic view of the mountain at the summit. It is truly wonderful! It features the Mt. Sipsipitan, Mt. Polis, Bessang, and Mt. Tirad.

Then, we back to ranch and take the trail to Lake Danum to catch the sunset, but unfortunately we didn’t the catch sunset. Traversing to Lake Danum is another two hour trekking. Then, returning to town proper by foot.

Getting there
Ambasing Elementary School is the jump-off point of the mountain. It is easy to follow the trail that hiring a guide is an optional. But, if still need a guide, and then visit Saggas office near junction of Sagada in the two main roads of Sagada. For us, we hired a guide because we traverse from the summit to Lake danum.

First thirty minutes is on a concrete road and another thirty minutes of walk across the rough and rocky roads. Reaching to the summit is very easy though there are some part of the trail became steeper and steeper.

My heart is beating and I felt that I can't make it any longer on the grounds that the trail got to be steeper and steeper. Obviously, I can make it to achieve the summit! The views are really refreshing.

02:00 PM – Meet the guide
02:30 PM – start walk to the jump-off, Ambasing Elementary School
03:30 PM – arrived at the Ranch, taking photos
04:00 PM – arrived at the peak, take snacks
04:30 PM – back to Ranch, and then trail to Lake Danum
05:45 PM – arrived at Lake Danum
06:15 PM – back to town proper

Guide Fee: 600php

And this is my 13th conquered mountain! Hooray!

Happy climbing!


  1. that lake looks amazing - its calmness seems mysterious. I hope I could also visit this place someday. Thanks for sharing info and itinerary.

    1. Thanks, Yodi!

      Yes, you can visit that place for sure. :)

  2. ang ganda nman naririnig ko na yung lake astig pala sarap magpiknik jan :)

    1. Hi, Sir! Oo maganda nga lalo na siguro kapag may sunset. Hindi kasi namin naabutan. Hehehe!


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