Monday, July 21, 2014

Mt. Damas and the Ubod Falls

Three months of not indulging in any activities is kind a boring. I was burn-out! So, I decided to join my friend’s mountain climbing. And, this time we are heading to North Luzon. Our goal is to reach the peak of Mt. Damas.

So, let’s see what this mountain can offers…

Mt. Damas is 685 MASL, located in San Clemente, Tarlac. Sitio Dueg is the major jump-off, while the alternate jump-off is in Brgy. Papaac, Camiling, Tarlac. And, have difficulty of 6/9. As a matter of fact, this is very challenging especially when having a flash flood. This mountain is small, but more challenging because it requires you to river crossing, river trekking and rock climbing in order to reach the foot of Mt. Damas.

At the peak, the landscape is superb; one can experience a panoramic view of the Tarlac and neighbouring mountains.
view of Mt. Damas from Brgy. Papaac
At exactly six o’clock in the morning, our trek started. The trail is undoubtedly not so difficult, but when we finally get to the river the challenge has begun. It was a long river trek. According to our guide, it will take two hours before we reach to the foot of the mountain. This part of the trail was rocky. And, you have to climb the rock to descend on the falls going to the base. From the river, you can see the mountain already and yet it still requires more hours to reach the peak.
almost on the top...
The group just enjoys the trail, rock climbing, and river crossing. If I can still remember, we did a rock climbing five times. Then, we arrived at the foot of the mountain after two hours and just have a quick brunch.

Now, we enter the thick vegetation and thorny vines going up to the summit. From the foot of Mt. Damas, the trail is becoming steeper and steeper. I just trying to assist myself not to get cramps because it’s really an unending assault! It takes two hours to reach the summit. Another challenging part is to descend here.
From the base, trekking again going to the Si-El Falls and we will get jumped to the water, but the guide recommended the Ubod Falls because it’s bigger. So, we trekked our way to the Ubod Falls. And, again we need to climb mini falls to get to the Ubod Falls.
the highest point
We took photos first and then, getting ourselves ready to jump to the water to feel fresh and relax from very tiring descent! But, when the rain is heavily pouring we immediately pack up our things and leave the area to avoid the flash flood. We have difficulty in descending and climbing because the rock is slipper. However, we arrived safely!
Ubod Falls

It is another great experience in the north!

11:00 PM – meet up at Bus Terminal in Cubao
12:00 AM – ETD Cubao Terminal
03:00 AM – ETA Camiling, Tarlac
04:00 AM - early breakfast, the guide pick-up time (tricycle)
05:00 AM – arrived at Brgy. Papaac, preparation
06:00 AM – start trek
06:30 AM – river trek/crossing and rock climbing
08: 00 AM – arrived at the foot of the mountain
08:30 AM – start climb, assault
10:30 AM – summit
11:00 AM – descent
01:00 PM – arrived foot of the mountain, lunch
01:30 PM – explore water falls, Si-el Falls and Ubod Falls
02:30 PM – back to trail, river crossing, rock climbing
04:30 PM – Brgy. Papaac, clean up
05:00 PM – back to Camiling Tarlac, snacks
06:00 PM – ETD Manila

Important Notes

  • Wear gloves to protect your hands because you hold on to thorny plants as the steep going to the river.
  •  Bring skin protection because the sun protection from jump off to grassland may hit your skin.
  • There are lots of water source, so one to two liters of water is safe.
  •  There’s a flashflood when it rain; so bring a rope with you.
  •  And the most important is ENJOY! 

   How to go to Mount Damas
      From Cubao, ride a bus (Solid North bus) bound to Camiling, Tarlac
      Ride a jeep/tricycle from Camiling going to Brgy. Papaac, meet the guide

  Contact Person:
     Emman – 0908 942 3592

    Cubao to Camiling – 265 php
    Trike – 100 php each
    Guide Fee – 500 php


  1. can you share with us the contact of your guide?

    1. Hi Ed, please try this..
      Contact Person: Emman – 0908 942 3592



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